Friday, June 14, 2013

Spotted in Stores - Multi Groovy Energy Bra

Those of you who like to live dangerously (in terms of having the wrong pH) - a new Multi Groovy Stripe Energy bra has been spotted in a US (I think) store.  (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)

Lululemon to Open Men's Stand Alone Stores

Lululemon is planning to open stand alone men's stores to capture more of the men's athletic wear market. My husband seemed pretty underwhelmed by the idea when I told him about it. He has no problem going into our local stores to do his shopping. There are always plenty of nice looking women who are wearing snug fitting pants and tops so it's not like that is any kind of a deterrent for most guys. It's probably a benefit compared to the big box sports stores. My local lulu stores always have at least one guy on the floor to talk to the men about the products, too, so it's not like he has to ask a woman whether his junk can breathe (or whatever guys care about) in a certain pair of shorts.

Tom Brady in lulu pants - an old photo but a good one.  ;-)

Tom in a Pacific Beach hoodie

What I think lululemon needs to do is show more professional athletes wearing their product. My husband's interest in the brand certainly perked up when he saw professional golfer Ryan Moore wearing lulu in a tournament on TV.

Lululemon also did a nice job of getting their logo out for the US Men's Doubles Olympic Volleyball team last summer.

One thing I think lulu does need to do for the men's line is go back to the old men's logo. It was definitely more masculine looking than the current one, which is the same one - same size and shape -  as the women's side.

Update - My husband points out to me that lululemon clothes are cut very athletically so you need to be pretty slender through the midsection. He says the major brands like Nike, Adidas are usually more generously cut.

So, guys, what do you think of lululemon's plan to open mens only stores?

Multi Groovy Stripe Print Power Y Bleeds (Updated)

This is the sweat print of a Multi Groovy Stripe Power Y after a woman's run. A reader also commented yesterday how her Cool Breeze/ Multi Groovy Stripe No Limit tank had bleeding of the yellow stripes in other parts of the print. I also just read of another women having her multi groovy stripe Power Y bleed on her. If you still love this print make sure to wash it in hot water first to get rid of the excess dye.

Update - Now that I think about this a little more, the above sweat print looks like the Raspberry Glo trim is what was bleeding most on the Power Y. 

Make sure to check the stripe alignment. Some are crooked.
Also, check out the direction of the stripes versus the bottom hem - they're crooked. I thought lululemon was sending people to the factories to check up on quality. Uh huh.

Raspberry Glo Mod Moves Singlet and More

New Raspberry Glo Mod Moves Singlet with Mod Moves crop and Energy bra. Too bad this top is ill-fitting because I really like the color.

Pizazz Mod Moves Singlet with an Energy bra.

Raspberry Glo Scoop Me Up Tank and Soot Will Crops.

 Cool Breeze Voyage Hoodie and Will Crops.

Off the Court Jacket and Will Crops.

Runbeam SS in Nimbus Bold Stripe and Pizazz Track Attack Shorts.

These photos are from Australia so the Rise and Shine Jacket and Proceed with Speed crops are not available in North America. Also shown are Pizazz LS Swiftly and Inspire crops.

Power Purple Ta Ta Topper with Speed Shorts in the top photo not sure about the crops in the bottom (might be Gather and Crows).

The Nimbus striped Speed Shorts.

Black CRB (I think) tank and Soot Will Crops.

Devotion LS and Voyage Sweat Crops

Precise Tee and Mojo Striped Pace Breaker Shorts.

Metal Vent Tech and Light As Air Short

Essential Polo and Commute Shorts