Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Step Lively Crops, Hip to Be Zen Crops, Ta Ta Topper, and More

How impressive is the post in the top photo? I had to use that for the leadoff photo. Lots of photos of the new Step Lively Crop. I saw them in the store today but since they only go to a ten didn't bother trying them on. They look comfy in these photos, though.

I tried on the Voyage Sweat Crops today at two different stores today and nearly bought them. I really liked the material (thick with good coverage), the shape, and fit. They are super casual looking, though, so decided to pass for now. I thought they fit TTS.

New Hip to Be Zen crops. They look a lot like Groove Crops to me.

I was hoping to try on the new Ta Ta Topper today but neither store I went to had them out yet.

People are saying the new Fast Track luxtreme run shorts ride up with movement.

New blue striped Power Y

The Athletic Deep V is Back!

As revealed in the Australian upload, the Athletic Deep V Tank has come back. This is one of my favorite tanks so I am cautiously excited about this. The only reason I am not doing full on cartwheels is because this tank has luon light in it. I am assuming the bra and strap portion is regular weight luon and the torso portion is luon light. The mesh in the back has been changed from Power Mesh (which honestly was a bit scratchy) to the more comfortable generically-named anti-stink mesh. I am also a little bummed to see this tank only goes up to a size ten. This tank was well known to have a very snug fit and many people sized up in it. Anyway, I am excited to see it hit the North American market. It seems as though lululemon is starting to dig out some beloved "vintage" designs lately. The new Voyage Sweat crops resemble older Varsity crops.