Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Latest and Quickie Store Trip Report

The newest Contempo jacket in Cool Breeze and Power Purple. I saw Cool Breeze in the store today. It's definitely more lavender than blue.

New solid Pizazz Inspire crops have hit the stores.

New Mod Moves tank in the stores. I spotted this in my local store today, it's in Cool Breeze/Power Purple/Pizzaz.

Pop Orange (top) vs. Pizazz Swiftly SLs
Pizzaz and Raspberry Glo Swiftly tanks - both are back to the regular length.

 New Pizazz Swiftly tank and white Clam Digger crops (top) and new Cool Breeze Pacesetter skirt (bottom). BTW, the stores have solid Soot Light Clam Diggers but I haven't spotted any photos of them yet.

Mod Moves SS in Aquamarine and matching Mod Moves crops. I tried this top on today and really liked it. It fits TTS and is not boxy. I would not size down in this.

Pizazz No Limit tank.

Pizazz Energy bras are in the stores. I bought this today. I wasn't intending to but it will look fun under my Cool Racerbacks.

Mod Moves SS and SE Inspire Crops

I tried on the Special Edition Inspires with the waterproof zip pocket. The pocket is also longer than in the past so you can slip your phone right in. In my current crops I have to finagle it a bit to get it in. One minor thing is that the pocket is not stretchy but my phone fit in nicely when I removed it from the case, which is what I always do anyway. The luxtreme in these is that newer stiff luxtreme and had decent coverage. Not squat worthy coverage imo, but decent enough for running and stretching out. I hope this new bigger, waterproof pocket becomes the norm in all the run crops. I think most women run with their phones.

New Groovy Run and Speed Short prints.

The new Nimbus Groovy Stripe Cool Racerback (upper right). My local store did not get this today and I believe they are only in Canada right now.

These are Raspbeery Glo Light Cool Racerbacks but I am not sure whether they are the ribbed or the plain ones. My store had the ribbed CRBs in the Pinkelicious but not Raspberry Glo but an ed told me the ribbed will come in both pinks. I thought the ribbing this time around felt softer than previous releases but it's still a fairly thick fabric. I already have Cool Racerbacks in both these pinks so will pass on the ribbed versions.

I saw this duffel today. It's a very nice size, particularly for a carry on or weekend bag.

New Multi Groovy Stripe All Sport bra is coming. I would normally squeal over this but the straps are solid Raspberry Glo and not striped so I think I will have to pass since the stripes won't show under my tanks but I may change my mind when I see it in the store. It's super pretty.

Cool Breeze Studio Crops.

Zippy Green Luxtreme Boogies.

I also got myself the Multi Groovy Stripe Bangbuster today. I was torn with whether to go with a symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern but went with one with a lot of pink.

Pizzaz Vs. Dazzling and Pop Orange

This is a much better photo than I put up on Twitter, from left to right Dazzling, Pizazz, and Pop Orange. (Thanks to Ms. D. for the photo.)

Mod Moves SS Top and More

Mod Moves SS top, Energy bra, and SE Breeze By Shorts. I really like the look of the Mod Moves SS top. I like the mesh sleeves, too. I hope this top doesn't fit snug like the tank did.

The Cool Breeze/Multi Groovy Stripe No Limit Tank and Bangbuster headband.

Multi Groovy Stripe bangbuster. I need to head to the store today to pick one up.

Pizazz Speed Shorts and Mod Moves SS top.

New floral print Pace Breaker shorts. I have not heard my husband's opinion of these yet.

Precise tee and Light As Air Shorts.