Monday, June 3, 2013

Sneak Peek: Spry Forme Jacket

It looks like a Spry Forme jacket will be coming soon. This photo is of the black Festival bag.


The Charcoal Wunder Unders were uploaded after all. I had read a rumor they weren't going to be. If you are debating getting them, I'd order now and think later. I think they will sell out pretty fast. They seem to be selling well in the stores. I ended up ordering a pair. I'll see how they look in my home mirror. I'm not sure whether I will get a multi Groovy print Bangbuster or not. I'll need to cherry pick a nice pattern distribution at the store.

New Step Lively Crops are kind of cute.

Very pretty Cool Breeze Studio Crops.  I think I might like a Cool Racerback in this color.

What did you all order?

PS - Canada got some goodies that the US didn't. Boo!!

 Very cute Multi Stripe Groovy Power Y. I'd have to cherry pick this one in the store.

Cool Breeze and Nimbus Groovy Stripe Cool Racerback.

Pizzaz No Limit Tanks, Special Edition Speed Shorts and Inspire Crops, and More

New Pizazz No Limit tank and white Gather and Crow crops (top).

New Cool Breeze/Multi Groovy Stripe No Limit Tank.

New Raspberry Glo Light and Pizazz Swiftlys. Shown on the bottom are new Special Edition Speed shorts with a higher waistband and a waterproof zip back pocket.

Special Edition Inspire crops  in solid black with a waterproof zipper pocket.

New Mod Moves SS tops in Aquamarine and Power Purple.

The new Multi Groovy Stripe headbands.

New Multi Groovy Bangbuster, Yellow Socks, Ribbed Cool Racerback and More

Oooh! Pretty new colors in the accessories are out.

Ribbed Cool Racerback are back. Shown is one in Raspberry Glow and Work It Out Shorts in Zippy Green. I wasn't a fan of the previous Ribbed CRBs, I found them thick, stiff, and kind of scratchy. I haven't seen the news ones yet so can't comment on how this version feels.

The new Astro and Grooves are rolling in, can't wait to see the new WU waistbands.

Black Astro pants and Nimbus/Soot Light/Zippy Green Scuba Stretch.

Runbeam SS in White/Nimbus Bold Stripe. Wore mine yesterday (the white/aquamarine one) for a five mile run and really liked it. It's loose through the waist and not super long so the air moves around your midsection nicely.

Power Purple Voyage hoodie. I still haven't taken the tags of the one I got last week. I am a little scared of having such a light colored hoodie. I might wait and see what other colors this will come in.