Thursday, May 30, 2013

NEW Charcoal Wunder Unders, New Work It Out Short Colors, Pizazz Energy Bra and No Limit Tank, and More

Thanks to Ms. S. for this photo.

New Charcoal Wunder Unders are out in stores. I am hearing they are super soft.

New Work It Out Shorts in Zippy Green and Power Purple.

New Energy bra and No Limit tank are coming in Pizazz. I have a Flush No Limit tank so can pass on this one but might have to get the Energy.

Pretty new Astro waistband called Groovy Stripe Multi. The pink is Raspberry Glo.

 The new Astro and Groove pant waistbands.

New Bangbuster in Soot Groovy Stripe. It's also coming the in the pink Multi Groovy Print, too. I think I need both. (Thanks to Ms. W. for the photo.)

French Terry Rise Short and Post Practice V shirt. (You're welcome, ladies.  ;-)  )

Thank to Ms. W. for a photo of her Gap pj pants. The print looks familiar...  ;-)

More Groove and Astro Pant Waistbands

Really liking that Astro waistband on the right

More of the Latest

Groovy Stripe Nimbus Energy Bra.

Black Grooves and Astro pants are back. Lots of stores are posting full on bend over photos but I'd rather not use those. I know one person commented she tried them on and didn't find them fully opaque - anyone else try them on yet?

 Voyage hoodie and Bold Stripe Power Purple Cool Racerback.

Aquamarine Ebb and Flow tank and Ignite crops.

Power Y and Om Pant.

Zippy Green Runbeam SS.

 Go With the Flow bag. It's weird how they put the lulu symbol back on this bag after a bunch of stealth bags. I much prefer the symbol visible on the bag. Also, lulu got a new batch of Sigg water bottles in.

Ignite Tank, really like it, and Ignite crops. Shown with the Go With the Flow bag.

Nimbus Bold Stripe Power Y, New Zippy Green Bangbuster, and More

Bold Stripe Power Y and Om Pant. The Om pant looks really nice on this woman. I think I am not tall enough for them.

Voyage Hoodie

Zippy Green Bangbusters have been spotted in stores. (Thanks to Ms. D. for the photo.)

 Cute Core Shorts and One Hit Henley top.

As a Syracuse alumna I hereby dub Pizazz as a true SU orange - shown in the Pacebreaker short.