Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Try On Reports and More Pics

Ignite and Swank Tanks and Still Grounded Pants. I tried on these pants today in the solid black. I didn't like the feel of the luon - it was kind of stiff and polyestery feeling. I thought the shape of the pants was ok, they seemed to fit a bit snugger than my older Still pants, especially in the crotch. I can't really comment on how sheer the luon was since I was in the extra large dressing room with a funny three way mirror so couldn't get a good look at the rear view. There are also solid white versions of these pants out.

I also tried on the Mod Moves tank. I liked the material and the shape but it runs a bit on the small side, especially for a run tank. I am used to sizing down in a lot of run tops and I am reading from the reviews on the website that some people are sizing up in this. I am a little bummed since it looks like this is one of the styles that will be offered at the Sea Wheeze but my bank account will be happy.

This is how it fit me - too much armpit fat.

I also tried on the Swank tank. I like the look and open back of this tank a lot in the photos, it seems kind of old school lulu to me but it didn't fit me right. It cuts in a bit too much in the front on me and shows too much armpit fat. It looks nice on other women in the photos but I didn't care for it on me. I think it runs on the snugger side.

I also tried on the Ignite tank and liked it but I'd really need a twelve and it doesn't come in that size.

I also felt the Ignite crops and took a look at the content. The luxtreme in these feels just like the Mod Moves crops - stiff and polyester-ish, which I didn't care for but I know a lot of people think the material in the Mod Moves is nice. The backside didn't feel any different than the front to me.

I also tried on the Twiggy Print Om Pant. I do like the material in these but hate that you can't untie the bottom on this version and are stuck with a blousy look whether you want it or not. I have been liking the Twiggy print in the photos but when I tried it on all I saw was pajamas and now that is what I see when I look at the photos.

Thanks to Ms. K for this photo.

I saw the new Soot Groovy Stripe Energy bra. There is quite a bit of difference in the look of the bra depending where the stripes hit so you'll have to cherry pick for optimum pattern.

I'm not sure why the new Soot Light Forme jacket is not called Soot Light denim because it's mostly denim looking luon.

I had wanted to try on the Voyage Hoodie but my store only had the Pullover. I liked it but wish the whole thing was french terry and didn't have the yoga board short panels. I am reading from people who have gotten their hoodie orders than the second color on the jacket is the yoga board short material. I wish they had just made this jacket of solid French terry and not used a secondary material.

I took a look at the Go With the Flow bag in the store and really liked it but for $68 I wish it had padded laptop and ipad pockets. I am hoping it gets repriced to a more reasonable number.