Thursday, May 23, 2013

Power Purple Bold Stripe Cool Racerback and More

Spotted in a Canadian store - new Aquamarine and Power Purple Bold Stripe Cool Racerback. I already have this in the Power Y but want the CRB, too. (Thanks to Ms. D. for the photo.)

 The new Voyage pullover. I am curious to try this on.

Soooo jealous of Australians right now - in this photo a tiny peep of the Power Purple Layer Me LS (man, why couldn't we have gotten that one) and a Rise and Shine Jacket in Aquamarine.

Aquamarine Rise and Shine Jacket (Australia only) and matching Hot Hitter skirt.

Anyone try on the new Clam Digger IIs yet? They have an extra seam across the backside. I have a pair of old Clam Diggers, before they changed the material in the waistband, and just love them. I am wondering if the waistband has been tightened up a little bit from the previous version.

Twiggy print craziness - new Soot Twiggy No Limit tank and matching Wunder Under crops. Also shown is a White Contemp jacket.

Power Purple In the Flow Crops. Also shown is the Clarity Scarf and Cool Racerback.

Live Lightly Tank.

Mod Moves tank and Inspire Crops.

Power Purple Pace Setter Skirt.

Men's Pizzaz Shorts.

Lululemon Shutting Down Facebook Groups

I have to run to a school event but Lulumum put up a great post about lululemon going after private - closed and secret - Facebook groups (and the personal accounts of the admins of those groups) that have been shut down because they posted photos from the lululemon website. I know lots of people have had their eBay listings VERO'd recently for using web store images but this is something new that started today.

My Sea Wheeze Shorts Are Here!

Zipper Pouch

Fun Inside Liner
My Sea Wheeze shorts arrived today. (How funny that my order from last Monday, the 13th, is still not here yet but my shorts are.) I don't think my home photos did them justice but they look a lot more electric orange than salmony-orange than they did in the sneak peek photos. They are very bright and fun and summery. I would say the colors used in the shorts look like electric orange, Burning Yellow, Bold Blue, and Fresh Teal. They came in a very useful zipper pouch, too. It's a nice size: ~9"x13".