Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ladies Golf Line Revealed

Some pieces of the new women's golf line were revealed today. Shown are a Hot Hitter dress on the left, the new Hot Hitter skirt. The sleeveless top is also new but I don't have a name for that yet. Bermuda shorts are also coming.

That Latest and My Quickie Try on Reviews

In the top photo, Pizzaz Focus V top and Scratch that Soot Core Short. In the bottom the same shirt is shown with Soot.

I like this combo - Runbeam Hoodie and Pace Crops in Wee Space White Print.  I tried on the Runbeam Hoodie yesterday (my order from Monday night is MIA for now) and liked it well enough but I don't think I loved it enough for the price. Like others have noted in the comments, the zipper sticks right at the transition point between the material on the upper chest. I tried on both the Zippy Green and the Aquamarine/Power Purple. I did like that the Kangaroo pocket added a double layer of material over the belly because the light colored material is so thin it shows every ripple and dimple. I found the top to be rather snug in the upper arms but the body wasn't too tight. It's a nice top but I still think I prefer the Run in the Sun LS from last year.

I also preferred the solid Zippy Green version of this top to the two-tone Power Purple/Aquamarine version. I am long in the shoulder to armpit and I thought the color blocking made my chest look droopier than it is.

I also tried on these Twiggy print Wunder Under pants. Like all white-based prints the print "fades" when stretched. The material has a high poly content, I think on the order of about ~70% but I could be recalling it wrong. I was thinking that I might like a Cool Racerback in this print but now that I have seen the print up close and felt it I think I will pass.

 Power Purple Swiftly tank, Zippy Green Free to Be, and Beach Runner Crops.

 Zippy Run Groovy Run shorts and white Scoop Neck Swiftly LS.

 Aquamarine Swiftly tank and matching Mod Moves crops.

 Power Purple Contempo jacket.

Aquamarine Swiftly tank and Power Purple Inspire crops.