Friday, May 10, 2013

Gray Twiggy Print, Serene Pant, and More

I kind of love this combo. I've been a little starved for gray/black prints/combos with all the color that has been out for the past 18 months so I find this look especially appealing. 

I've overlooked that the Power Purple Twiggy print has some Pinkelicous in it. It's shown here with Pinkelicious Groove Shorts and the print looks very cute matched with that color.

The Zippy Green Forme looks super saturated here. I don't think it's this dark in real life.

This photo is tempting me to pick up a Contempo jacket. I never liked the Stride or In Stride jackets because I felt they were too boxy but this jacket skims your curves just right. The Daily Yoga jacket did that, too, but the luon on this jacket is thicker than the that used in the Daily Yoga. Plus, they put the lulu symbol back into the design on the jacket.

The new Clarity scarves in Power Purple Bold Stripe and Soot.

Clarity Tank, Clarity Scarf, and Serene Pant.

The Latest and Color Comparison of Faded Zap, Ray, and Zippy Green

Shown with the Forme Jacket

More Twiggy print Wunder Under combos. I am dying to see the Soot version of these.

 Live-Ly tank and Power Purple Studio Crops.

Make It Count Tank and Track Attack Shorts.

 From left to right: Faded Zap, Zippy Green, and Ray. (Thanks to Ms. S #1 for the photo.)

 From top to bottom: Zippy Green, Faded Zap, and Ray. (Thanks to Ms. S #2 for this photo.)