Thursday, May 9, 2013

Track Attack Short Photos

Aquamarine Swiftly tank and Twiggy Print Track Attack Shorts.

Energy Bra under the Power Y

Today's Shopping Trip

This is a photo of the inside of the Paceline Cycling shorts. This isn't the panty-liner thickness padding that has been used in previous years. This looks like a serious anatomical chamois. It is substantial - thick and kind of stiff. I guess "chamois" are made of stiff foam these days. The last time I bought cycling shorts was the in the mid-90s and my Descente shorts have an authentic leather chamois pad. I was not able to try these shorts on, though. They run really small/tight and without much stretch - super compression. I couldn't even get it past the top of my thighs. Though the website calls the material luxtreme it's not the same buttery soft luxtreme used in the run tights. This is a less stretchy, more durable feeling luxtreme that felt a lot like my polyester Moving Comfort compression shorts.

Paceline Shorts label
I tried on the Track Attack shorts and may I say, wow. Finally a lululemon run short that I can wear. I love the generous fit and longer length. There are already five glowing reviews on them on the website. I hope they are coming in more colors.

I also tried on the Contempo Jacket. It is super nice - very sleek. The luon is nice and thick, not like the thin luon used in the Daily Yoga jacket. The pockets have zipper closures. If this comes out in something like Bold Blue or a pretty pattern I'd consider getting one. I thought the fit was TTS.

I tried on the Power Purple Inspires wearing black underwear and I couldn't see the color through the material. I could see the outline of them but not the color. They are fun but not for me.

 I went to the store today with the intent of getting the Power Purple Swiftly tank - and, yes, this one is the regular length - but the color was pretty close to Bruised Berry, which I already have, so I left it at the store.

I ended up getting this Power Y and will be returning the Power Purple/Aquamarine No Limit Tank that I ordered. I just don't care for the two-tone look in the NLT and hope some solids are coming.

Live Lightly Tank and More

From Australia, the Live Lightly Tank in Aquamarine with Twiggy print accent.

Aquamarine Scoop Me Up tank.

I like that the back of the Aquamarine/Power Purple Bold Stripe Scuba is solid.

The Power Purple Swiftly tank is calling my name.

Luminous Tank.

Power Purple Inspires, Aquamarine No Limit Tank, Twiggy Wunder Unders, and Power Purple Scoop Me Up.

Black Scoop Neck Swiftly tank.

Rosado Pace Breaker Shorts. I'm dying to see a real life photo of the Pizazz shorts.

A little candy for the ladies - another man who knows how to wear a sleeveless shirt well - Sleeveless Metal Vent Tech and Pace Breaker shorts.