Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Twiggy Print and Paceline

Power Purple Twiggy print Wunder Unders and Power Purple/No Limit tank.

The Soot Light/Twiggy Print Gather and Crow Crops.

I don't particularly love the purple Twiggy print but it really works with the Swiftly Power Purple LS.

Paceline Jersey, Jacket, and Shorts

Australian Heads Up

Some upcoming items from the Australian website - a new Soot Light/Twiggy Print No Limit tank.

New Swank Tank says that it is made of both luon and luon light. I would think the bust part is made of the regular weight luon.

No Limit New tank style in a new orange - Pizazz. The men's side just got an orange called Pizazz.

New bra style. It looks like it might be supportive.

Pretty new pattern shown in a bangbuster. This looks very summery. I hope it comes in a CRB.