Monday, April 29, 2013


Is this print truly worthy of lulu? Is it for grown women? Blech.
The upload was a miss for me tonight. I might be tempted by a Power Purple Energy bra but I have a Grapeseed one from a couple of years ago so am good there.

What is lulu's obsession with see-through tee shirts this season? We are getting granny tanks with necklines that strangle us but see-through cotton items. I like the style of this cotton top a lot but don't want a see-through shirt.

The new Luminous Tank made of Vitasea looks interesting. However, the straps look spaghetti thin. I'd be afraid those would cut into my shoulders.

The Scoop Me Up is back which I know makes quite a few people happy. This is the Zippy Green, yet another neon color.

I think the real winner for this upload is the Clarity Tank. Love the classic style. Love.

Finally dug up a photo of the Tiny Tee I bought from the Lab last summer. Looks very similar to the Clarity.

Did you order anything?

NEW Power Purple Bold Stripe, Zippy Green, Scoop Me Up is Back, and More

New Power Purple Bold Stripe Power Y.

The Scoop Me Up tank is back. Coming in Power Purple, Zippy Green, and Black.

What is Zippy Green? It's the neon color seen in this bag.

New Grooves and Studio Crops are coming in Power Purple, too.

More of the Latest

More Front Racer tank photos. Still hating it. It looks like it's pretty baggy through the waist.

Pinkelicious Swiftly tank and Breeze By Skirt. I think this is a shorter Swiftly tank. The older long version is coming back in June.

More Clarity Tank photos. I like this tank much better than the other.

Power Purple Forme jacket photos.

All the Vino to Vinyasa bags that are in the stores.

The latest shopper totes. (Thanks to Ms. K. and Ms. E. for the photos.)

NEW! Clarity Tank, Sky Blue Coming, More Front Racer Tank

New Clarity Tank. This looks like it's made of Vitasea. It comes in Frond, Black, and White. It looks like the Tiny Tee I picked up at the Lab last summer.

More of the Front Racer Tank. I hate how the front straps cut in. The text says it's coming in Fresh Teal, black, and Silver.

The new Power Purple Forme jacket. It looks like lulu is adding a hair tie to the zipper on the Formes now. I guess it's a teeny tiny step in the right direction but I'd rather have the entire Define design back.

Also, I am hearing that Sky blue (code SKBL) is a new blue being spotted in the stores. Not sure why we are getting all these similar blues lately - Sky, Beach Blanket, and Beaming. Seems so redundant.

NEW! Front Racer Tank and Power Purple (or is it Groovy Grape) Forme Jacket

New Front Racer Tank. I hate these high necked tanks. I am really busty so I feel the higher neck always makes me look saggier than I am. Plus, I really like bare skin (or mesh) for cooling purposes.

The store called this a Power Purple Forme jacket. It almost looks like there is a hair tie on the zipper, though. I zoomed in and it does have shoulder seams so it is a Forme Jacket. I thought the new purple was going to be Groovy Grape. Maybe there are two "new" purples coming. Power Purple was just out last summer, so how about bringing back Lolo instead.

Cycling Gear and More

A couple more photos of the Paceline cycling stuff - the jacket in Pinkelicious, Jersey in white/Dune, and the padded shorts. I wonder whether we'll see the Paceline stuff on tonight's upload.

Devotion LS in Aquamarine, Beach Blanket Blue Power Y, and Free Fall crops.

Very cute combo - Power Flow Crop and Frangipani Free to Be bra.

Aquamarine Forme Jacket, Inkwell Work It Out Shorts, Very Green Make It Count Tank.