Monday, April 22, 2013


Just the Aquamarine Cool Racerback for me tonight. The reverse side of the Very Green Frangipani bangbuster is white so I didn't get it.

The White Wee Space Pace Crops were uploaded tonight. I also saw the Aquamarine version in one of my emails. I want to try those on when they hit the stores.

Did you order anything tonight?

New Power Flow Crops and More

 New Power Flow Crops. I think they are luxtreme but not sure. Will update when I find out. They are made of luon. Shown with the Drish Tee.
New Pinkelicious Heat It Up bra and matching Boogie Shorts.

NEW! Aquamarine and Parfait Pink Cool Racerbacks Are Hitting the Stores

Yay! The Aquamarine Cool Racerback is hitting stores this week. There is also an Aquamarine Frangipani print Bangbuster I'd like to get. I hope these are uploaded tonight. Also shown is the Parfait Pink Cool Racerback. I didn't care for the color in person. It looked like a dingy pale pink.

Very Green and Beach Blanket Blue Heat It Up Crops.

Parfait Pink Drish Tee in the mesh burnout print.

What's in the Stores

Inkwell Karma Pant.  Has anyone tried these on? Are they thicker than the Bleached Coral Karma's? Those were awfully sheer.

The Bleach Blanket/Aquamarine Cardio Kick Tank

Love the Frangipani print in the Bangbuster headband. Shown with the Mile a Minute tank in Pinkelicious.

Pinkelicious Forme Jacket, Silver Lining SS, and Breeze By Skirt.

In the Flow Crops and Bonded Cool Racerback.

Rejuvenate Sweatpant and the Silver Lining SS. I tried on the Rejuvenates. I thought they were decent and the fit TTS. The material is the same as in the Rejuvenate Hoodie so not super delicate like the last few sweatpants. The zippes are the opening to the pockets.

 Straight to the outlet - Take Me Om Jacket. It looks like it's made of luxtreme to me.

New men's Tidal Short and Focus V top made of anti stink mesh.