Monday, April 15, 2013


No aquamarine Cool Racerback but I am tempted by this Tame Me Tank. 

Interesting new white Wee Space Inspire crops.

Nothing for me tonight. Did you get anything?

NEW! Silver Lining Tank, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Breeze By Skirt and Shorts

Shown with Breeze By Skirt

Breeze By Shorts
As a diversion from today's awful news I post this week's new arrivals. Unfortunately they're not going to cheer you up too much. I am not liking anything. New Silver Lining Tank and Breeze By Shorts. The tank has a Swift front (blech) and a silverescent sheer luon back (I think. It's kind of hard to see which fabric is used where in these photos). I'm not loving the tank but the shorts look ok.

I think this a Breeze By Skirt

The Breeze By SS and LS are backwards from the tank - sheer luon front and swift back.  My wallet is safe.

Breeze By Short (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo)

Very Green Breeze By Skirt

Very Green Silver Lining LS

Very Green Swiftly Tank - This is the short version, unfortunately.

Prayers for Boston Marathon Victims

I know there are a few Boston Marathoners among my readers and I pray that you and your family and friends were not hurt today. I just took up running a year ago but I love it and it's awful beyond words that such an innocent activity and a storied event has been tainted forever. My prayers are with all the victims and their families.

New Speed Short Colors Coming

From the lululemon website blog page - new Speed Short colors in Wee Space Parfait Pink, Wee Space Gray, and Aquamarine. Also shown is a new Tame Me Tank in Parfait Pink and Aquarmaine Cool Racerback (want that one).