Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More of the Latest

Some cute combos with the Beach Blanket Blue In the Flow Crops. In the first set of photos - Frangipani Very Green/Fresh Teal Open Soul Tank, Burn It Out Tank, Transparent-See Jacket. In the second set - Aquamrine Throw Me Over Hoodie (love how it looks with Beach Blanket Blue) and Burn It Out Tank.

Some Pinkelicious Pace Setter Skirt outfits - withe the Pinkelicious Frangipani Power Y and Pink Parfait Open Soul tank.

Rest Day Pullover photos.

The new Power Y colors

Reverse Groove shorts in Pinkelicious/Parfait Pink

Really liking this combo - Black Open Soul Tank and Dune Still Pants

Black Cardio Kick Tank and Pace Tights

For Your Amusement...

In the wake of last night's ordering debacle and on the heels of the whole Pantsgate thing, frustrated lululemon fans have come up with their own version of the manifesto:

(Thanks to the talented Ms. Erin Marie, with input from the This Just In Facebook group. You can check out her blog here)

Beach Blanket Blue In the Flow Crops, White Gather and Crow Crops, and More

The Beach Blanket Blue In the Flow Crops and Fresh Teal Frangipani Open Soul Tank (on the Groovy Grape mat, I see). This is a super pretty combo.

New striped Wunder Unders and Open Soul tank. I like the striped pattern a lot but would love to see this in a tank.

New White Wunder Unders shown with the Open Soul tank on top and a Pinkelicious Power Y and Burn It Out tank on the bottom.

New White Gather and Crow Crops and the Run Rest Day Pullover.

Parfait Pink Open Soul tank and coordinating Pinklicious/Parfait Pink Wunder Unders.

More Open Soul Tank photos.

 The Very Green/Frangipani print Practice Freely tank.

The new Cool Racerkbacks in Beach Blanket Blue and Pinkelicious, with matching Bangbuster headbands.

 Bonded Cool Racerback and matching Beach Blanket Blue Groovy Run Shorts.

Pinkelicous Pace Setter Skirt, Frangipani Print Power Y, and Transparent-See Jacket.

Pop Orange Tall Reverse Groove Shorts (one of my favorites for the gym for run or spin) and a Vinyasa Surf Tank.

More Transparent-See Jacket photos.