Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More of the New Pace and Beach Runner Crops

The Pinkelicious Pace Crops (I believe I saw a photo of Pinkelicious Beach Runner crops, too) shown with Beach Blanket Blue Swiftly V-neck.

Beach Blanket Blue Swiftly and Aquamarine Beach Runner Crops.

 Beach Blanket Blue Swiftly SS tee and matching Pace crops.

Mile A Minute tank with Pace Crops and Pace Setter Skirt.

Kayak Blue Work It Out track pants.

Shows how you can pull the waist ties through to the other side of the waistband.

A nice series of photos on the Beach Runner crops.

Very Green Swiftly V-Neck SS Tee and matching Beach Runner Crops.

 Throw Me Over Hoodie and Studio Pants.

Vinyasa Surf Tank.

Throw Me Over Hoodie and Vinyasa Surf Tank

Some Throw Me Over Hoodie photos. It does look really short in the top photo. Shown with Free Fall crops and Vinyasa Surf tank in the bottom photo.

Vinyasa Surf Tank. Weird how this goes to a twelve and the new Mile a Minute tank does not.

Try On Review: Beach Runner Crop, V-Neck Swiftly, Mile a Minute Tank

I tried on both these pieces today - the Aquamarine Beach Runner crops and the Swifly V-neck. I liked the Beach Runners a lot. You don't have to tie them on the outside - they have slits so you can pull the waistband through to the inside. There are no waist pockets, though. I might consider these for spin, treadmill runs, or shorter runs around my neighborhood when I don't carry a phone, keys, or shot blocks. I thought they fit TTS and as seems to be the case with the wee space prints they seemed stretchier and less compressive than regular luxtreme. I only tried on the wee space version. They weren't as sheer as I expected for light-colored crops. I had on black underwear and could see a shadow when I was standing up but they weren't too bad at all. If these hit the markdown racks I would definitely consider getting a pair.

I also tried on the V-neck swiftly tee. I had to try on the next size down which fit pretty good in the body but was tight in arms so I'd say these are TTS. I like it but I rarely wear my short sleeve Swiftlys so I left it at the store. The striped ones had a different feel than regular swiftlys, more texture than normal.

I also tried on the Mile a Minute tank. I really liked it. Unfortunately it stops at a ten so it fit me a bit small in the bust but was roomy enough through the belly. I wish these went up to a twelve. The straps have extra elastic inside for more support. It's a very cute tank.

I ended up getting the new Pinkelicious Energy bra. I tried on the Very Green but decided I could live without it. The Aquamarine is also very pretty but I have the very similar Angel Blue Energy. However, if the Energy is going to come in Kayak or Beach Blanket, I think I'll need one.

The Latest

Love the look on the top photo - Aquamarine Wee Space Beach Runner Crops, Beach Blanket Blue Swiftly V Neck, and white Throw Me Over Hoodie. The hoodie looks cute but is getting super low reviews on the website because of it's short length. I wish lululemon would stop shooting itself in the foot by making all it's jackets so short lately, particularly the lightweight french terry hoodies that people are dying to buy.

The Vinyasa Suft Tank shown in Fresh Teal/Black. The top photo is shown with white Studio Crops.

The top right photo shows the White Wunder Under crops that just came out. I read they are fairly thick but you still need nude undies underneath. Oops, I just saw a photo of a woman modeling them and they are pretty sheer even standing up straight.

 Love this combo of the Pinkelicious Mile a Minute tank and Inkwell striped Speed shorts.

The new Swiftly V-necks and Mile a Minute tanks.

 More of the new Swiftly V-necks.

Pinkelicious Energy bra and Pace Tights.

Beach Runner crop colors

Energy bra colors

Pace Crops
All the latest arrivals in the Energy bra, Beach Runner, and Pace Crops.

 Pinkelicious V-neck Swiflty and Aquamarine Wee Space Beach Runner Crops.

 So many colorful run bottom options these days.

 Close up of the Frangipani print Pace Setter Skirt.

 Close up of the Very Green/Black Beach Runner Crops.

Pinks Comparison: Pinkelicious vs. Paradise, Senorita, Bon Bon, Fruity Tootie

An awesome comparison photo was just posted in one of my groups (thanks to Ms. A. and her great collection): Top Left - Pinkelicious Scuba, Bottom left: Bon Bon Scuba. Top Right: Paradise CRB, Middle Right: Senorita CRB, and bottom right: Fruity Tootie CRB. Ms. A. says that Paradise is more muted in real life than Pinkelicious. The only other older pink I think Pinkelicious may be close to is Disco pink.

Vintage lulu: Action Tank in Paradise Pink. This looks on the orange side, here.

Move Tank in Paradise Kiss Chipper Print

Pinks Comparison: Pinkelicious to Pow and Paris Pink

From top to bottom: Paris Pink, Pow Pink, Pink Shell, Pinkelicious. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.)

Another version - Pinkelicious on left. Paris on top, Pow in the middle and Pink Shell on the bottom. (Thanks again to Ms. A. for the photo.)

I'll have to dig up my older pinks like Fruity Tootie and Kiss to see how Pinkelicious compares. There is also an older pink, called Disco, that might be similar.


The upload was late last night and I had turned off my computer by the time it happened. I decided not to order anything and try it all on at the store. The things I am most interested in are the Pinkelcious Energy bra and the v-neck Swiftly SS. I have tons of both these items so don't "need" them but will probably end up with the Energy bra. As far as the SS Swiftly goes, I have five of them right now but rarely wear them. My weather is such that I usually wear a Swiftly tank or LS to run in, hardly ever a short sleeve. However, the striped pattern is very cute so I want to try that on. What did you all order?