Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yesterday's Shopping Trip

I went to the store yesterday to check out the Fresh Teal Cool Racerback since I had read comments it felt thin and polyestery (untrue, it's nylon/spandex, soft, and not thin. The Pop Orange is equally nice). I tried on the Street to Studio crops. I thought they were ok but I still prefer the Studio Crops for the wider legs. I thought the waist really loose fitting but the legs are a bit fitted for my non-skinny legs. If they had come in Inkwell I might have thought more about buying a pair to try but the only color I'd consider getting was black and I have Studio Crops in that color. Trying on the crops led me to trying the pants again and I ended up getting my first pair of Studio Pants, in black. I've tried them on over the years but never bought a pair but I think they tweaked the fit at the waist or something. Both the newest Studio crops and pants fit a lot looser than I remember in the waist. I had to have them hemmed and just picked them up tonight so I will let you know if I experience the dreaded waistband rollover. I have read it seems to happen more in the lined pants than the unlined. I bought the unlined since I find the other too warm (and swishy sounding). I recently read on one of my boards that a woman took her pants to a seamstress and had the elastic in the waistband removed and it solved the rolling problem. She said the waist material had enough stretch of it's own that it stayed up fine just using the tie at the waist.

I also got the Inkwell/Black Studio Surf jacket. My store had a lone remaining one in my size on markdown. I really liked it when I tried it on a couple of weeks ago with the Wee Space Inkwell Pace Crops and kept thinking about it. I love that it has both blue and black so I don't feel the need to go out and buy a bunch of Inkwell pants to wear with it (though, if I end up liking my Studio pants a lot I might consider getting Inkwell ones). The last time I got into dark blue was a few years ago and I felt I had to get a bunch of navy bottoms and tops to wear with each other. Though, I think I like Inkwell a lot more than I ever liked Deep Navy. The Inkwell material in the jacket is the kind that reverses to black so it feels super silky on your skin. I wore it today and just love it. The fit is similar to a Define, maybe a little roomier. It's slightly shorter than a Define. All in all, it's a nice jacket and I think lululemon would have sold a ton of them if the price had been $20-30 lower.

Get Up and Glow Now $79

There are some nice bargains in the We Made Too Much section tonight. The black Get Up and Glow Jacket has been lowered to $79. I bought it a few weeks ago at my store when it was $99 and have been wearing it tons since then. I really like it as a to/from jacket. I haven't run in it but wore it for a four mile walk a couple of weeks ago in breezy 40-degree weather. I thought it worked really well. I especially love the interior left breast pocket. Anyway, if you were looking for a run jacket or a to and fro you might want to consider this one.

NEW! Fresh Teal Free Fall Crops and More

New Fresh Teal Free Fall crops.

New Fly Away Tamer headbands have been released in Pinkelicious and Beach Blanket Blue. From eyeballing it Beach Blanket looks a lot like Beaming Blue and Pinkelicious looks like Raspberry Glo or Pow Light. However, here is the Pinkelicious Scuba compared to some other pinks:

Top - Pinkelicious Scuba. Bottom, left to right: Senorita Pink, Raspberry Glo, Bubbilicous, Heathered Paris, Paris. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)

 Aquamarine Clari Tee
Fresh Teal Studio Pants.

In case you spot this on eBay - a Right Round jacket that went straight to the outlets.

Color Comparisons: Fresh Teal vs. Mint Moment, Menthol, and Aquamarine

Top Photo - Fresh Teal vs. Mint Moment. The top shows it in natural light and the bottom is using a flash. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photos.)

Heathered Aquamarine vs.  Fresh Teal (right).

Heathered Menthol vs. Fresh Teal (right). (Thanks to Ms. B. for the last two photos.)