Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cute Outfit Ideas and More of the Latest

I thought Inkwell/Pop Orange/Fresh Teal was a weird combo of colors but seeing it an outfit like this I really like it. Show are the Embody crops with a Fresh Teal Tame Me Tank and Dune/Pop Orange Stash and Dash Pullover. Shown on the right is a White Flow N Go tank and Very Green Pace Crops.

Another striking combo - Black Stash and Dash Pullover, Very Green/Fresh Teal/Black Pace Tight, and Very Green/Fresh Teal Swiftly LS. People will not miss you running down the side of the road in this outfit. I kind of love it.

Pop Orange Flow N Go and Street to Studio Jacket with the Inkwell/Pop Orange/Fresh Teal Embody crops.

Out and About Pant photos.

Beach Runner Jacket and Turn It Up SS

Turn It Up LS (note tight arms), Tame Me Tank, Speed Shorts

Turn It Up SS and Speed Shorts
Turn It Up LS and SS tops.

Check it out - "Rosebud" pink Game On Boxers. I don't think the men's side has had a pastel pink for a few years now.

Very Green/Fresh Teal Embody Crops

Ooh! Liking the Very Green/Fresh Teal Embody crops a lot, too.

Store Trip Report

Buy all the Tame Me Tanks! I went to the store today to exchange the Liberate Tank I ordered last week for one of the new Tame Me Tanks. I ended up getting the Fresh Teal one but the Faded Zap and Black were close second choices. I have to reiterate how much I love the change of the bottom material from silverescent to circle mesh. I am a huge circle mesh fan. It's so silky and cool against your skin. This is just a fantastic all around tank - super comfortable, doesn't show too much cleavage, cool. It's great for running, spin, or any sweaty activity. You wear your own bra underneath and it covers the Ta Ta Tamer perfectly. I hope this will be coming in Bubble Gum and Beach Blanket Blue. Fit is TTS. If you have narrow hips you could probably safely size down in this tank but the pleats below the bust might pouf out a bit. I'd say the girl in the Pop Orange version is wearing her true size.

I tried on the Out and About pants. They didn't work for me but I thought they were cute pants. They are very thick and substantial feeling. I tried on the black version and the finish is shiney and not matte black. I thought they fit TTS.

I tried on the Stash and Dash pullover and really liked it. I tried it on with just my energy bra underneath and it felt breathable, not plastic-y. I think it would be great for running in drizzly weather in Southern California. I was actually looking for something like this a couple of months ago when I got caught in a downpour on a training run. The only thing holding me back from getting this is the price. If it was $30 or so cheaper I'd probably get it. I tried on the ten since that is the highest size it went up to and felt I could live with that so I'd say it runs on the roomy side but not sure it's so roomy that you'd want to size down in it.

Turn It Up LS and Pace Crop
I tried on the Turn It Up LS in the Pop Orange. That color isn't sheer like the Fresh Teal and Dune versions. I liked the top a lot but find $78 kind of pricey. I don't really need a top like this since I have five Swiftly LS so will pass on it for now. If I spot it on the markdown racks for the right price I would definitely consider getting it. I'd say you'd probably use it in warmer weather than a Swiftly LS, or if you don't like Swiftly LS then take a look at this top. Now that I think about it, if you have trouble with the Swiftlys riding up this might be a nice alternative since it's looser fitting at the bottom. I think it would make a great warm up or cover up. I thought the fit was TTS. The midsection is very roomy but the arms fit on the snug side so I couldn't size down in it. The SS version runs TTS with a closer fit in the body than the LS. The sleeves are also snug in the SS top.

I tried on the Wee Space Inkwell Inspires and was tempted to get these and return the Wee Space Pace Crops I got a couple of weeks ago. However, I find Inspires on the long side on me so will stick to the Pace crops. These Inspires have no mesh in them, they are solid luxtreme all the way down, which I liked. 

NEW! Embody Crop (And Blues Palette Revealed)

Shown in the above photos - the new Embody crop in Inkwell/Fresh Teal/Faded Zap. I tried these on today. They fit a lot like Wunder Unders but with a slightly higher waist. The tag says these are mid-rise. They are made of luon and are $78. I wouldn't have minded getting a pair but I wasn't a fan of the Inkwell nor the Pop Orange/Fresh Teal color combo. The waistband is very wide. The other colors this comes in is Black and Black/Fresh Teal/Very Green. I might like that last combo.

Also, look what popped up in one of my product notice emails. Someone used the wrong photo:

I'm going to assume that darker blue is Beach Blanket Blue, though it looks a lot like Beaming. I think the lighter blue is Moonglow. I am a sucker for blue combos so love this pair of crops.

 Forgot to post the other color combo in the Embody crops - Black/Pop Orange/Bleached Coral.