Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spotted in Stores - The Return of the Tame Me Tank

Spotted in a US Store - new Tame Me Tanks in Faded Zap, Fresh Teal (or is it Moonglow?), and a new pink (Bubble Gum, I believe). I have one of these and really like it. (Thanks to Ms. S. for the photo.)

Pop Orange Wunder Unders, Liberate Tank, and More

The new pinstripe Pop Orange Wunder Unders and Dune Practice Freely tank.

Slate Scuba Stretch hoodie (why didn't I notice you last night? I have a thing for gray hoodies), Inkwell Wunder Unders, Mellow Lemon Cool Racerback.

More Liberate Tank photos. I'd like to see this on a D/DD woman.

Wow, that Dune Petite Dot Cool Racerback is definitely sheer. Shown with Bleached Coral Groove Pants. The bottom photo shows the Faded Zap Petite Dot CRB.

 Pop Orange Pace Tank and Wee Space Inkwell Pace Crops.

 Fresh Teal Scuba and Inkwell Pinkstrpe Wonder Under Pants.

Black In the Flow Crops.