Friday, March 8, 2013

Fresh Teal Warm Up Crew and More of the Latest

New Fresh Teal Warm Up Crew. Shown with Wunder Under crops.

Fresh Teal Petite Dot Power Y. I really like the Fresh Teal color.

On top, Pop Orange Power Y and Inkwell Pinkstripe Wunder Under Pants. The bottom photos shows the Pop Orange Power Y with the Very Green In the Flow Crops.

Faded Zap Power Y and Very Green In the Flow Crops.

Faded Zap Energy bra and In the Flow shorts. The In the Flow shorts were put on the US side of the website earlier today.

Faded Zap Pace Tight and Swiftly tank.

Faded Zap Pace Tank and Inkwell Wee Space Pace tanks.

Moonglow (I think) and Fresh Teal Scuba hoodies. Shown with the Pop Orange Power Y.

Classy Caps

In the Flow Crops and Shorts and Mini Store Report

The new In the Flow Crops have hit US stores.  I went to the store yesterday hoping to try these on but my store didn't have them yet.

In the Flow Shorts

I ended up exchanging the Inkwell Inspire crops I bought last week for the Inkwell/Indigo Wee Space Crops. The crops have a bit of a purple tone to them. I liked the Inspires well enough but prefer the wee space pattern.

 I also tried on the Hook Me Up bra today. It was a bit small in the front, coverage-wise, for me so I would say its not for DD ladies. 

I also tried on the Ebb and Flow bra and the new pinstripe Wunder Unders. I liked the Wunder Unders a lot. I thought they fit TTS. I had to try on the Ebb and Flow bra in the size 10. It was too small but felt pretty comfortable. I did feel pressure on the back of my neck, like some have reported, so I think it's a bit high cut in the neck area.

The gingham Coast to Class pants went to the We Made Too Much section yesterday morning for $69. My store also had the black marked down and I ended up getting a pair. The luon is nice and thick and not at all sheer when you bend. The pants are super comfy and cut a bit more generously in the leg. If you have some junk in the trunk and heavier legs you might want to check these out. I wore them all day today and there is not a bit of sueding/pre-pilling in the crotch area. I am super pleased with these pants.

New Swim Line Revealed

The lululemon website blog posted the new swim line. So far it doesn't look too different from last year's.  I read that the swim line is coming out next week.  The names of the pieces are: 1) Coastal Om Triangle top, 2) Sandy Savansana, 3) Board Balance top, 4) Coast OM bikini bottom, 5) Sandy Savasana.