Monday, March 4, 2013


Some tempting items tonight but not sure whether I want to order anything just yet. I might order the Very Green Bangbuster but that is it. I like the Beach Runner Jacket and Drish Tee but want to try both of those on in the store. I also like the Inkwell Space Dye Pace Crops but definitely want to try those on in a store.

What did you all order?

Urban Oasis Tote and More

Work It Out Track Pants.

"Naked Seam" / bonded Cool Racerbacks. I felt these up in the stores last week. The seam under the armpit is bonded or glued or whatever and has a knife sharp edge. I just can't believe that doesn't cause some people chafing.

 The Ocean Stripe Mellow Lemon Cool Racerback.

New Urban Oasis Tote. This bag is totally devoid of personality. What is going on with lululemon bags lately? They are freaking-a boring.

The new Pure Balance Water Bottle.

More Beach Runner Jacket Photos

The Beach Runner also comes in black. Shown with Work It Out Pants.

More Beach Runner Jacket photos. I am liking the Fresh Teal/Dune/White version a lot.

Australian Heads Up

New Turn It Up longsleeve, made of silverescent sheer luon. This isn't bad at all but I'm sure the price will be crazy.  I will look for this on markdown.

Energy bras are coming in Faded Zap and Pop Orange. Hmmm, I might "need" the Pop Orange one. I had balked on the Bleached Coral as not being bright enough but Pop Orange in another story.

New Cool Racerback coming in Petite Dot Faded Zap. Not sure if I like this dotted pattern.

Swiftly tank is coming in Faded Zap. It looks like one of the shorter ones.

Finally, a shot of the front of the new Hook Me Up bra. It's not bad.

 Groovy Run Shorts in Petite Dot Fresh Teal color.

A pretty new Very Green Scuba hoodie is coming.

NEW! Ebb and Flow Bra

Shown with Work It Out Pants and bonded seamed CRB in Faded Zap

Shown with new Ebb and Flows in Pop Orange(?)

New Ebb and Flow Bras are here. It's shown in Very Green, Pink? (maybe Bleached Coral?), Inkwell, and black.

NEW! Beach Runner Jacket and More

Shown with Proceed With Speed Crops

New luxtreme jacket called the Beach Runner jacket. I like it so far in these photos. I only have one luxtreme jacket - the Pump It Up - but it's great for warmer temps. It was in the 80s here over the weekend and the Pump It Up was my go-to jacket. The Beach Runner is shown in Fresh Teal/Dune and Bleached Coral/Dune.

 New Fresh Teal dot Fly Away Tamer headbands.

New Pure Balance water bottle in a neoprene cozy.

It looks like the Work It Out Track Pant are starting to hit US stores. I was looking for those last week.

 Inkwell Proceed With Speed Crops and Frond Swiftly LS.

Frond Wunder Unders, Swiftly, and Surf Studio Jacket.