Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Australian Heads Up

The Australian photos of the Ocean Stripe Mellow Lemon Cool Racerback have me really excited to get mine.

 I think this is a new - a Capsian Blue Scuba Stretch.

Wee Space Deep Inidigo/Inkwell Pace Crops. I really like these. I think the stripes across the backside will kill them for me. I definitely want to try them on, though.

 I really like this 105F Singlet in Pop Orange. It doesn't look as see-through as the others.

 New bonded Wunder Unders in Faded Zap and Pop Orange.

Love the waistband on these Wunder Unders.

Bleached Coral Grooves, Dune Cool Racerback, Burn It Out Tank, and More

Funky new Bleached Coral Groove Pants. Shown with the Burn It Out tank and Free to Be Bra and Bleached Coral Scuba.

The Dune Gingham Cool Racerback and Free to Be Bra. Also show is the Bleached Coral Scuba.

The solid Bleached Coral Cardio Kick Tank (I may need to get this one) and the new Proceed with Speed crops. I wouldn't mind this outfit for spin class.

 The new Fresh Teal Scuba.

The more I see the Burn It Out tank the more I like it. I need to give this a try on.

Surf Studio Jacket (fingers crossed for a repricing), Heat It Up Bra and Crops.

Shown with Heat It Up crops.

Shown with Heat It Up crops.

Shown with Heat It Up Shorts

Shown with the Yoga On the Run Duffel
Rejuvenate Hoodie you are so much more attractive to me at $98. Too bad I have already spent a bundle this month.

 I am digging the Frond Proceed with Speed crops. They'd make fun race crops.

Frond Wunder Unders and Surya Tank.

This woman is crazy bendy.

Heat It Up Bra and Shorts.

Heat It Up Crops with Surya Tank and Heat It Up Bra

I didn't realize the Puri-Tee was so see-through when I tried it on. Shown with the Heat It Up bra and crops.

I'd like the Yoga On the Run bag better if it came in a really pretty color or print.

Rejuvenate Hoodies Repriced to $98 (Update!)

Reading on the boards via lulumum the Rejuvenate hoodie has been repriced to $98. It's still $118 on the website so hoping that will change soon. You should be able to get a refund with your receipt if you already bought this. I'm hoping the Studio Surf jacket undergoes a similar repricing.

Update - the prices have been updated on line, too. The Pullover is now $88.

My Collection: Scoop Neck Tanks and Power Ys

For those of you who wanted to see more of my lulu collection, here are the Scoop Necks and Power Ys I have.

Scoop Neck Tanks: Top Row, left to right: Unicorn Tears, Senorita Pink, Black Citron Tinted Canvas, Heathered Blurred Gray. Bottom row, left to right: Heathered Smokey Rose/Elevation Space Dye, Sprinkler Blue, Wish Blue/Multi Poncho Stripe.

Power Y Tanks. Top Row, left to right: White Black Glacer Lace print, Coal Tinted Canvas, Black Stripes Galore, Heathered Black Luxtreme. Bottom Row: Black Wee Stripe, Black Seabed print, Black, Wish Blue Multi Poncho Stripe.

Burn It Out Tank and More

Burn It Out tank and Heat It Up Short.

Frond Wunder Unders

Surya Tank and Heat It Up Crops
 Inkwell Rejuvenate hoodie

 Rejuvenate Pullover

Frond Rise and Shine Pullover and Pace Skirt. I spotted a couple of "frond" colored tops at the gym today.