Sunday, February 24, 2013

NEW! Mellow Lemon Diamond Wunder Unders

 Just arriving in stores - Mellow Lemon Diamond Wunder Unders. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)

From Australia, a couple more photos of the Turn It Up tee with silverescent sheer luon body and luxtreme sleeves.

Try On Reports: Digni Tee, Puri Tee, Rejuvenate Hoodie, Cardio Kick Tank, Pace Crop, and More

I am back home now and got to visit the store for the first time in a couple of weeks. I tried on the new Digni Tee and Puri Tees. I didn't care for either. The Digni Tee is super long. I felt the curved hem in front made it look like I was wearing a loincloth and I hated how the hem looked hanging out from under a jacket, like shown in the above photo with the Rejuvenate jacket. I thought the fit was TTS. I also tried on the Puri Tee. The fit of that is a lot more boxy through the waist. I thought the fabric on both of these scratchy compared to my Manifest Burnout LS, which is super soft. The fabric content is very similar, though. Manifesto Burnout: 57% polyester, 36% viscose, 7% spandex. Dignit Tee: 55/39/6 and Puri Tee: 50/45/5.

I really liked the new Rejuvenate hoodie, particularly the large hood. I thought the fit was a snug TTS. The store I was at (El Segundo) only had the black version, though. I would like this in a bright color but not sure whether I could keep the Bleached Coral one clean. I still think the price is high.

I tried on the Heart Ease LS in the heathered black and really, really liked it. The high price and dull colors are deterring me right now from getting one but if a brighter color comes out I might indulge. It was super soft and very flattering. I love that the scooped neck lets your bra peep out. I thought the fit was a body skimming TTS.

The educator at the store told me the Pace crops were replacing the Run For Your Life crops. That is a shame since the RFYLs seem to be universally loved. The pace crops were ok but seemed to slide down my backside just standing in the store. There are a couple of reviews on the website that mention this so make sure you test them before you take the tags off. I think the stripes on the rear look fine on a slim-hipped person but I did not care for them on me at all.

I got my Layer Me LS and Rise and Shine Pullovers. I always fall for the looks of baseball style tops but I hate them on me. The Layer Me LS are going back. I do like the style and fit of the top and if you are in the market for a lightweight rulu ls I think this is a good one since it has a back zip pocket. The rulu weight is the same as in the Speedy Turtleneck, which I love. I've washed it a few times now and had no pilling. I liked the Bleached Coral Rise and Shine Pullover much better. It is also made of the lightweight running luon. I thought both pieces were TTS, with the Layer ME running a little roomier.

Frond vs. Paris Swiftly

I tried on all three versions of the Frond Swiftlys and decided I like the tank the best. Most of my running is done in 60-degree and above weather so I get the most use out of Swiftly tanks. Some people have mentioned they thought the Frond felt thinner than other Swiftlys but that seems to vary but color. Reader Robin sent me a photo of the Frond Swiftly tank on top of a Paris Pink and they are the same length. I thought the top fitted a little looser than my other Swiftlys and when mine comes in the mail on Tuesday I'll make some comparisons, take some photos, and let you know.

I tried on the Cardio Kick tank and really liked it. If a solid version comes out I will seriously consider getting it. The front straps have a 1" piece of elastic inside, from the shoulder to the top of the bra portion that really holds the girls up. Stupid lulu doesn't mention this feature at all and the write up on the website called the support low, which is totally inaccurate. I'd call the support low-high or high-moderate, especially for busty women. This tank really seems to be cut for large busted women, D and above. One of my problems with tanks with built in bras is that I jiggle too much when I do cardio like the elliptical or spin but I felt I could wear this without any problems. I love the mesh back and the tank has a flattering scoop neck without being too revealing. All in all, a very nice, supportive tank for the gym for busty women.

I also tried on the Street to Studio Jacket which was really nice but 4" too short, even for my average 5'5" height. I liked the Warm Up Crew, too, but hated the rear zipper and $98 price tag. It also lacks thumbholes and I think, since it's brushed luxtreme, I'd probably wear it in cold enough weather that I would like the thumbholes so I could bring the sleeves over my gloves. If that goes on major markdown I would consider getting it but it would have to be a steep markdown.

Bleached Coral and Mellow Lemon Rejuvenate Hoodie

Some photos of the new Mellow Lemon and Bleached Coral Rejuvenate Hoodie.

Work It Out Pant Photos

Shown with the Layer Me LS

Shown with the Rejuvenate Hoodie

More photos of the new Work It Out Pants in Inkwell, Dune, and black. I didn't get a chance to try these on yesterday.

Yellows Color Comparison: Mellow Lemon, Mac N Cheese, Burning Yellow,Chirp

Shown is a Mac N Cheese Hills Pullover, Chirp Jazz Headband, and Mellow Lemon/Burning Yellow Ocean Stripe Bangbuster Headband.

Head to head pale yellows: Mellow Lemon vs. Chirp