Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rejuvenate Hoodie, Rejuvenate Pullover, Mens Stuff, and More

Some Rejuvenate Hoodie photos. I am not loving it. I know it comes in Bleached Coral and Mellow Lemon but I cannot keep a light colored jacket clean to save my life. If it comes in a nice blue like Bruised Berry (heard that is coming back) or the new green I might consider getting one.

Rejuvenate Pullover photos. I don't care much for the side zips.

New Shady Lady Visor

Another photo of the Work It Out Track Pant

New Digni Tees. Also shown in the top photo are Heart Ease LS tops.

Puri Tee close ups.

New mens Element Jacket in Black and Inkwell.

New striped rulu Focus Crew in a cute blue striped pattern.

New rulu Focus Half Zip.