Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Turn It Up Tee, Shady Lady Hat

Turn It Up Tee photos. The shirt has luxtreme sleeves and the body is made of silverescent sheer luon, as I thought. Shown with the Pace Tight.

New Shady Lady Hat. I'm in the market for a new black run hat but it needs to have a decent-sized zipper compartment. I use my zipper pockets for all sorts of things. For the Disney World Half in January I had some painkillers stored in my hat, which I ended up taking around mile ten. I might have even had extra gels up there. I've decided I hate running races with a belt so the more pockets in my clothes the better, as far as I'm concerned.

More of the Latest

Layer Me LS Faded Zap and Frond Pace Crop. I love the Faded Zap / Frond combo.

Finally, a good photo where we can see the seaming on the Invert crops. Inkwell/Mellow Lemon crops and matching Energy bra.

Bleached Coral Rise and Shine Pullover and Frond Pace Crops.

Another Rise and Shine Pullover / Pace Skirt combo.

Frond Pace Shorts, Work It Out Pants, and More

Black Layer Me LS and Frond Pace Short.

Mellow Lemon Rise and Shine Pullover and Frond Pace Short.

The new Work It Out Pants, looks like Inkwell, with the Rise and Shine Pullover.

Rise and Shine Pullover in Mellow Lemon

 Warm Up Crew and Pace Setter

Layer Me LS and Pace Skirt

Work It Out Pants, Surf Studio Jacket, and More

I think these are both the same pant - the Work It Out pant. They look very similar to the Right Round pant. Shown with the Faded Zap Layer Me LS in the top photos. Shown with the Frond Scuba Stretch in the last photo.

 The Surf Studio Jacket has hit North America - it's in Canadian stores.

Shown with the Street to Studio Jacket

Shown with the Warm Up Crew
Invert Crops - reading good feedback about these.

Rise and Shine Pullover and Pace Skirt.

Warm Up Crew

Close up of the diamond Wunder Unders