Monday, February 18, 2013


Rejuvenate Hoodie

Some cute new things uploaded tonight. I ordered the Layer Me LS and Rise and Shine Pullover inthe Bleached Coral. I'm pretty sure I won't keep both but since I can't get to a store for awhile Iwanted to try them on. I also ordered the Frond Bangbuster. I might have ordered the Frond LS Swiftly but it wasn't uploaded and the short length of the "shorcut" frond Swiftly tank totally turned me off. I thought the Rejuvenate Hoodie is not bad but the colors it comes in are rather dull. Some of the new bottoms were interesting, the Rise and Shine Pant and Invert Crop.

What did you order tonight?

PS - if you look at the Inkwell Invert crop photo it looks like there is a new green color swiftly, more jewel-toned. I read a rumor there is another green coming and may be called Sour Apple.

Rise and Shine PO, Pace Short, Layer Me Longsleeve

Rise and Shine Pullover in Mellow Lemon and Frond. The top photo shows new Pace Shorts. I'm not a fan of the green for myself but the yellow is pretty.

New Layer Me Longsleeve tops. The bottom is shown with the Pace Skirt.

Bleached Coral, Dune, Black Layer Me Longsleeve

Ooh, liking this. It's the Layer Me Longsleeve in Bleached Coral, Dune, and Black. (Thanks to Ms. C. for the photo.)

Rise and Shine Pullover, Pace Skirt, Mellow Lemon Run Crops

Photos of the new Rise and Shine Pullover in Bleached Coral and matching plaid Pace Skirt. This is a cute outfit. I like this pullover and it looks like the hem is straight and not curved. Lululemon seems to be having a cute spring season.

New Mellow Lemon Run Crops. I think they are Pace crops but am not sure. I think that is a new Inkwell Street to Studio Jacket but am not sure.

NEW! Rise and Shine Pullover, Layer Me LS, and Pace Skirt

Some teaser photos of new items were released. This is the Rise and Shine Pullover. It comes in Bleached Coral and Frond. It looks like rulu from this photo.

New Layer Me LS. It's made of running luon and has a zip pocket.  It comes in Black, Mellow Lemon/White, and Bleached Coral/Dune/Black. I am curious to see more of these. I love the Bleached Coral/Dune/Black color scheme.

 New Pace Skirt.

New armwarmers with silverescent. One of these days I am going to break down and get a pair. My husband likes running in them, though he bought a much cheaper brand.

 I think this might be a new tank style but I am not sure.