Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First Base Tank, Pace Tank, Bra, and Crop, and More

Frond Ocean Stripe First Base Tank and Pace Crop. The Australian site also has a Cool Racerback in the Frond Ocean Stripe.

 I really like the look of the Frond Cardio Kick Tank from the back.

 Too bad it has the black section down the front. Shown with Pace crops.

Cardio Kick in Inkwell / Mellow/ Burning Yellow

Pop Orange Pace Tight, Frond Pace Tank (I am liking it on this woman), Dune Rise and Shine Jacket.

Pace Bra and Wunder Under crops.

The Frond Wunder Unders. Shown with an Inkwell Cool Racerback.

Pace Bra, Bleached Coral Swiftly and Pace Tank.

Pace Tank, Bra, Lined-Hood Scuba, and More

 The new Pace Tank in Burning Yellow, Frond, and Black. The Black are shown with Pace Tights.
The Pace Bra.

Also shown is the new Men's Dispatch Hoodie

The new lined-hood Scuba Stretches. I think these are a little longer than the first batches of Scuba Stretch. I had read a rumor lulu was working on making the Scuba Stretch longer.

 I think I read somewhere there are new gray Wunder Unders out and I think this is a photo of them. Shown with the Mellow Lemon Cool Racerback.
 Burning Yellow/Mellow Lemon two-tone Swiftly and Mellow Lemon Swiftly LS. A reader says the ML Swiftly LS looks nearly identical to the clarity one.

Bleached Coral Studio Crops and Mellow Lemon Cool Racerback.

 These quilted Grooves are really appealing to me. I need to try them on.
Dune Stills, Frond Gingham Cool Racerback and Pop Orange Forme Jacket

Pop Orange Pace Tight and Rise and Shine Jacket. Shown with the new Double the Fun Run Toque.

More of the new Men's stuff: Dispatch hoodie in top and bottom photos. Shown with Inkwell Gingham and Frond Pace Breaker Shorts. New Frond Metal Tech Vent LS shown with Presta Pants.

Rise and Shine Jacket, Pace Tight, Two To Make It True Jacket

Shown with the Pace Tight
Pop Orange and Polar Cream Rise and Shine Jacket, shown with Pop Orange Pace Tight

Shown with the Pace Tank
It seems people are liking the Rise and Shine Jacket. Here are all the versions in Pop Orange, Dune, Frond, and Black. It is shown with the Pace Tight.

Paired with the Spring Has Sprung Multi Get Up and Glow Jacket
Shown with the Pace Tank and Dune Scuba
The Pop Orange Pace Tights. They're fun if you like bright colors for a race. 

Black Pace Tight

Inkwell/Burning Yellow Pace Tight. Shown with the Burning Yellow Swiftly SS and a Mellow Lemon Scuba.

Meeting with much less excitement is the Two to Make It True jacket which looks like lulu's version of Members Only. Are people into hipster technical wear? Though, I can see this jacket might work for petite ladies.