Monday, February 4, 2013


Tonight's upload had some goodies. I ordered the Frond Energy bra and the new Reversible Bangbuster. That is the only way I justified paying $4 more a Bangbuster.

What did you all order?

The Warm Up Crew might be interesting if they didn't ruin it with the rear zipper and super short styling. 

This jacket is kind of cute - Rise and Shine Jacket. I want to try it on in the store.

A new jacket style is revealed in the Spring Fling pack photo.

New striped Frond Cool Racerback is revealed in the banner.

 New jacket style.

New color in the Practice Freely tank is revealed.

New Cool Racerback revealed - Surge?

The Latest

 Burning Yellow/Mellow Lemon Swiftly SS Tee and matching Gros Gignham Speed Shorts.

 Bleached Coral Power Y and White Pace Setter skirt.

Mellow Lemon Swiftly LS and Bleached Coral Groovy Run Shorts.

 The Frond, Faded Zap, and Black Cradio Kick Tank.

Frond Inspire Crops - fun.

The New Lulu Cooler Bag, Errr Spring Fling Bag

This totally looks like a giant cooler bag I'd get for bringing food to the beach. WTH.

NEW! Spring Fling Pack, Mellow Lemon CRB and Swiftlys and More

New Spring Fling pack. Can't say I like this much. It looks like a cooler bag and very bulky.

New Mellow Lemon Cool Racerback. I think I might order this one. Yellows are tricky on me but it seems like a buttery yellow in the photos.

New two-tone Burning Yellow/Mellow Lemon Swiftly top. I like it but I don't need another Swiftly SS tee.

All the new Mellow Lemon tops.
The new Mellow Lemon LS Swiftly is a solid color.

Mellow Lemon Power Y

Bleached Coral Power Y

NEW! Bleached Coral/Pop Orange Energy Bra

New from Australia - the Energy bra is back in Bleached Coral/Pop Orange. I love it! Also shown are Frond Green crops but I don't know whether they are luon or something else. Update - a reader comments they are Wunder Under crops in the top photo. We have seen hints of new green crops on the Australian website but can't tell from the above photo if they are those: