Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pace Tank and Crop Photos

From Australia, Pace Tank and Crops. The Pace tank doesn't look nearly as short here as it does on the web models. I do wish it was an inch or so longer, though. I still want to try it on.

Practice Freely Tank in Bleached Coral/Pop Orange and Inkwell Gingham Wunder Unders. If the 105F Singlet comes in the same Bleached Coal Sheer luon jersy, count me in. It's very pretty.

Odd and Ends

Wunder Under waistband in Dune and Bleached Coral. I think the Bleached Coral ring is actually a denim version.

Photo showing the new Special Edition Cool Racerback. It looks like it's coming in three versions: Black/Bleached Coral/Pop Orange, Dune/Bleached Coral/Black, and Frond/Faded Zap?/Black.  You can also see the new Pace tank on the left mannequin and the Pace bra underneath the SE CRB (not a great look IMO). People were also asking whether the Mellow Lemon color was the greenish yellow ring in the pants we've been looking at but you can see a Mellow Lemon Pace bra on the right and the pale green block (thinking it may be Faded Zap) in the SE CRB is not the same.

New Black Pace Tank and what we think are Faded Zap Shorts
Older Inner Awareness Tank in Faded Zap
It certainly looks like Faded Zap is our mystery pale green.

Free to Be in Bleached Coral with Dune Still pants.

The Bleached Coral Swiftly tank with the Gros Gingham Groovy Run Shorts. Since I have a Pop Orange Swiftly tank I think I can skip this one but it sure is pretty.

 New headbands in gingham, bleached coral, and frond stripe.

This photo reminds me of mint candy canes.

Faded Zap Returning?

The mysterty color in the band of the new Wunder Unders looks like it could be Faded Zap. On the left is a Scoop Neck tank in Faded Zap and the colors look very close. (Thanks to Ms. H. for the comparison.)

Update - I just read that it is coming back.

Color Comparison: Bleached Coarl, Pink Shell, Pop Orange, Creamsicle Pop, and Light Flare

My Bleached Coral Cool Racerback came early today. I thought I wasn't going to like it enough to keep it but I really love it. Here it is compared to my other CRBs and a Swiftly. From left to right: Pink Shell, Bleached Coral, Pop Orange Swiftly, Creamsicle Pop, and Light Flare. The two headbands are a Bubbilicious Mesh Headwrap on top and a Pig Pink Bangbuster on the bottom. The Pop Orange Swiftly and Bleached Coral CRB are probably the closest in color. I remember I liked the Swiftly best in that color since it was a little muted. I didn't buy a Pop Orange CRB.

Very similar comparison, going clockwise - Blush Quart high Noon Dot CRB, Bleached Coral, Pop Orange Swiftly Tank, Creamsicle Pop CRB, and Pink Shell CRB on the bottom.