Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Special Edition Cool Racerback, Pace Tank and Bra, and More

Also shown is the new Pace tank and Beach Runner Crop

From Australia - New Special Edition Cool Racerback. This one has bonded seams and is slightly shorter than a regular Cool Racrback. As soon as I find a full frontal photo I will post.

Dune Forme Jacket, Bleached Coral Cool Racerback, Dune Still Pant
Inkwell Devotion SS and Dune Stills

Pop Orange Forme, Frond Gingham Cool Racerback, Dune Still

Still loving the look of the Dune Still Pants in most every photo I see.

An older photo of Gisele B√ľndchen in Stills (or Be Stills, I can't remember) with an Exhale Jacket.

Frond Free to Be bra, Groove pants
Groove Pant, Bleached Coral Cool Racerback
Wunder Under Pants
Reverse Groove Short
I definitely like the look of the offset black area on the Groove pant better than the centered version in the Wunder Unders and Reverse Groove shorts.

Mellow Lemon Power Y, Wunder Unders, and Dune Forme Jacket.

Black 105F Singlet, Frond Free to Be Bra, and Wunder Under crops.

Frond Gingham Cool Racerback and Free to Be bra

Some gingham outfits.

Boob pocket for the phone
 From Australia, new Pace Tank and Crops.

 Pace bra

Bleached Coral/Pop Orange Practice Freely Tank and Inkwell Gingham Wunder Unders.