Monday, January 28, 2013


The new Heart Ease LS is intriguing. I'd want to see how thin this shirt is before I plunk down $68 for it, though.
 I like the waistband on these Grooves better than the WUs which look kind of odd with the black block centered in front. I know one of the greens must be Mint Moment but there is another in there, too.
Very cute new Speeds in Dune Gros Gingham.

Ordered the Bleached Coral CRB. Not sure if I will like it but want to give it a try on.

Did you order anything tonight?

Dune Still Pants

The new Still Pants - black, Dune, and Inkwell.

All the Latest

The new Bleached Coral Reverse Groove Shorts have Dune and White (I think) in the waistband. They reverse to solid Bleached Coral. Shown with the Dune/White Gingham Forme Jacket.

Shown with Skinny Will Pants

Shown with Gros Gingham Bleached Coral Groovy Run Shorts

Shown with Frond Groovy Run Shorts

Shown with the Groovy Run shorts
Also shown are the new Cool Racerbacks and Groovy Run shorts
The new Forme Jackets in Dune/White Gingham, Bleached Coral Election? Pop Orange, and Inkwell Gingham.

Shown with White Swiftly SL tank

Shown with White Swiftly LS
The Bleached Coral Gros Gingham Groovy Run Shorts.

New high waisted Cross Stitch Wunder Unders. The regular Wunder Unders in Cross Stitch were recalled because the threads popped as soon as you moved in the pants. Not sure why these are any different.
The new Vinyasa to Vino Bag.

More of the Newest

Bleached Coral Cool Racerback
Bleached Coral Election? Pop Orange Forme Jacket

Bleached Coral Cool Racerback

Dune/White Gingham Forme Jacket and Frond Gingham Cool Racerback
I am really digging that triple ring waistband on the new Wunder Unders for some reason. I think the colors in it are Light Flareelection?, Bleached Coral, and Mint Moment, but I suppose the last color could be Mellow Lemon.

A hint of the new Dune, Inkwell, and black Still pants

Inkwell Stills

New Forme Jackets with Still Pants

The new Still pants colors - Dune, Inkwell, and Black.

The new Inkwell Gingham Forme Jacket and the other new Formes in Dune/White Gingham and Bleached Coral. Election?Pop Orange. Bottom photo also shows the new Groovy run shorts in Frond and Gros Gingham Bleach Coral, the new Wunder Unders, new Frond Gingham, Inkwell Gingham, and Bleached Coral Cool Racerbacks.

Shown with Bleached Coral Boogie Shorts

The new Cool Racerbacks in Frond and Inkwell Gingham, Bleached Coral, and Burning Yellow.

The Latest Arrivals

New Cool Racerback colors hitting US stores - black inkwell gingham, frond gingham, and bleach coral. I like the Bleached Coral.

Burning Yellow CRB (I think) and Frond Groovy Run shorts. It looks like she has a Beaming Blue tank layered underneath. I like it against the Frond.
New Frond Free to Be Tank, shown with the gingham CRB and Groovy Run Shorts.

Photos of the new Still Pants in Inkwell and what looks like Heathered Black (could be Coal) to me. Shown with a Bleached Coral Election? (I'm working on the name of this color) Pop Orange Forme jacket and I'm not sure about the tank underneath.

The new bag is the Vino to Vinyasa Tote.

105F Singlet and matching Crane Crops. I'd bet she has sized down at least one, or more likely, two sizes in the 105F Singlet here.

Please Me Pullover and Post Restorative Sweatpant.