Saturday, January 26, 2013

Today's Shopping Trip (Updated)

Our soccer tournament got postponed this weekend so I was able to go to the lululemon store to try on a bunch of the current stuff.  I tried on the Reflect LS. The top portion of the arms and upper back is luxtreme and the rest is running luon. I thought the fit was a form-fitting true to size. I liked this top but have plenty of rulu tops so can pass on this one but would definitely consider it if I found it for a good price on markdown. I like that it has a rear zip pocket.

I tried on the Reflective Jacket. The material is super shiny but thick and stiff. It felt very unbreathable to me in the store. I began to sweat in it just wearing it in the dressing room so I can't imagine running in it unless it was really, really cold out. There are only a few grommet holes under the armpits so the venting there is non-existent. I thought the neckline was also kind of stiff against your neck and I can see it could become annoying over a run if it rubs against your bare skin. I just checked the on-line reviews to see what people had to say and quite a few people say they found it hot. The fit was TTS. Since I don't run at night this is an easy pass for me.

I tried on the Get Up and Glow Jacket, too, and liked that much better. I though the fit was TTS. As a run jacket for Southern California I think it's overkill since it's lined with coolmax so it felt very warm on in the store. The store was out of the Spring Has Sprung in my size, which is the one I'd be most interested in as a to/fro jacket for me.

I tried on the Uba SE and liked it a lot. I really dislike the bulk of the front fleece liner but the rest of the jacket is nice. If it came in a really pretty bright color, like Sprinkler Blue or Bruised Berry, I could see getting one but the current offerings are not driving me to buy this jacket. I think it's a useful windproof, water resistant jacket but I can live without one for now until some better colors come along. I thought it fit TTS, maybe a bit roomy in the middle.

I tried on the Reflect Crop and disliked them. I just didn't think they were that comfortable. I tried on the version shown in the photo which is not kind to people with thicker legs. The rise is mid, I think. At least I'd classify it that way on me. Neither the website nor the hang tag describe the rise. I would definitely prefer Inspires or Run For Your Life crops over these.

Old E& F (top) compared to new (Thanks to Ms. O for the photo)

I tried on the new Ebb and Flow crops in black. I really dislike the new length, which is about 5" longer. The waistband seemed not as snug as the previous version and the pants seem less compressive overall. Last time I had to buy a size down so the waist was really snug but in contrast to the new version, it seems like the new ones are almost too loose. I didn't think they were super sheer. I could see a faint outline of the rip out tag when I bent over but I had on nude underwear and didn't think they were that bad. I did not try a full-on toe-touching bend, though.

Top Speed on top of an Energy bra

I tried on the new Top Speed bra and liked it quite a bit. I thought the front coverage was similar to the All Sport or Energy bra. The armpits are a little deeper than the Energy's, as you can see in the second photo. The bra band seemed to fit a bit loose in the black one I tried on and I blame that on the elastic piece at the bottom of the circle. I think it's too stretchy compared to the rest of the bra. I think the Energy and definitely the All Sport have tighter bra bands. The straps were comfortable but not super supportive for bustier women. This would be a low impact bra for me. If I was going to rate shelf bras in terms of support I put the All Sport first, Energy second, and then this one. The racerback is fairly wide in the back and will show quite a bit when wearing a Cool Racerback. If you've been looking for something similar to the Energy in terms of front coverage you should check this bra out.

I tried on the Spring Has Sprung No Limit tank and was very tempted to get it because I am dying for a tank in this print. However, I have to layer another bra under the No Limit for anything more active than weight lifting and I kind of hate doing that. Then I remembered that a new All Sport bra came out in the Spring Has Sprung print so I made my own Spring Has Sprung No Limit-ish/Pump It Up-ish tank combo with the All Sport and the new Black 105F Singlet:

I love the 105F Singlet and had debated getting a third one in black one last summer (I wish I had now) so this was an easy purchase for me. I also get to try the new silverescent sheer luon material out. I also tried on the Burning Yellow and Polar Cream versions of this tank but I, a) hate the contrasting piping and b) found both were see through so went home with the black.

I tried on the Burning Yellow cool racerback today but found the color very similar to Creamsicle Pop, except an anemic version of it. I did not like it at all. I also saw all the new Flare/Inkwell color blocked and striped stuff and thought it was all hideous. I bought the light Flare Cool Racerback last summer and really like it but it's just awful next to Inkwell. Way too garish. I know navy and orange is a hot combo in fashion right now but lululemon's implementation of it is terrible. I cannot wait until it is gone from the stores.

Update - I forgot to post that I tried on the Post Restoravtive Sweatpants, too. Man, I really liked them. They reminded a lot of my favorite Feel Good pants. They are super soft and the gathers at the ankle are kind of loose, not like the tight ankles on the Pleasing Pants. The material felt the same as the Pleasing Pants, which were very delicate, so if you get them treat them tenderly. I see there is one review on the website about someone putting a hole in them when putting them on, which is a shame because these are cute and comfortable. If they were $20 cheaper and I didn't spend over $400 on race entry fees this month I would take a chance on a pair. I thought the fit was a loose TTS.

Photos of the Latest

Cute run outfit - The Get Up and Glow Jacket and Tights in the Spring Has Sprung print and a new Polar Has Run Reflect LS. Love the Polar Haze with the print.

Another new Reflect LS in flare/inkwell stripe. Shown with a matching Pace Setter skirt.

I nearly forgot to post about these beauties (lol) - the flare/inkwell sea stripe Wunder Unders. If you are looking to catch somebody's eye at the gym, wearing these will do the trick.  

The matching Flare/Inkwell Forme Jacket. How soon does this go to markdown?