Friday, January 25, 2013

Photos of the New Spring Arrivals

New Bleached Coral Forme Jacket. Also shown are: the Bleached Coral Gros Gingam Groovy Run shorts, Frond Groovy Run Shorts, White Swiftly tops, and Burning Yellow Inspire Crops.

New Dune and White gingham Forme Jacket. Shown with a Bleach Coral Swiftly top in the top photo and Frond Groovy run shorts in the bottom.

That new bag has hit the US but I don't have a name for it. The colors look like Dune, Black, and Bleach Coral to me. Shown with the new Dune/White gingham Forme Jacket.

It looks like the first batch of the spring season to arrive in the US is: Frond and Bleach Coral Gingham Groovy Run shorts, White Swiftlys in LS, SS, and SL, Bleached Coral Swiftlys in SS and SL, and the two new Forme Jackets in Bleached Coral and Whtie/Dune gingham. One of the photos also said there were Swiftlys coming in Dune.

From Australia - photos of the Beach Runner crop. I am very curious to try these on. They look cute in the photos.

Also shown, Mellow Lemon Swiftly, Burning Yellow Pump It Up Shorts (I think) & Frond Groovy Runs

Frond Swiftly SS and Groovy Run Shorts

Frond Swiftly SS and Bleached Coral Pace Setter

Also from Australia, photos of the short sleeve Frond Swiftly top.

Spotted in US Stores - Frond Groovy Run Shorts

Spotted in Chicago-area stores - Frond Groovy Run shorts. I think the gingham ones are the Creamsicle Pop ones that have been out for awhile but am not sure. I think the color code is BCBC/CPOP/POCR which might be Bleache Coral (maybe?) /Creamsicle Pop/Polar Cream but I am not sure. (Thanks to Ms. S. for the photo.)