Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hot Move Shorts, Pirouette Bra, 105F Singlets, and More

105F Singlet and Hot Move Shorts in Light Flare.

 Flip Your Dog Booty Short and matching Pirouette bra - a very pretty outfit.

Hot Move Short and Flip Your Dog bra in Flare/Inkwell.

105F Singlet, Ebb and Flow Crops, Pirouette Bra

Burning Yellow 105F Singlet and Wunder Unders

Polar Cream/Silver Slate 105F Singlet

105F Singlets - black, Burning Yellow, Polar Cream, Flare

Uba Hoodie SE, Flare Ebb and Flow Crops, Polar Cream 105F Singlet
105F Singlet outfits.

Crane Crops and Power Up Tank.

Inkwell Cool Racerback shown with Hot Move shorts (top photo) and Flare Ebb and Flow crops.

Hot Move Short Flare/ Inkwell

From Australia - Mellow Lemon/Burning Yellow Gros Gingham Speed Shorts.

Bleached Coral Gros Gingham Groovy Run shorts, Please Me Pullover, and white Swiftly SS top.

Frond Groovy Run Shorts and Pink Shell Swiftly Tank.

New No Limits Colors and More

New No Limit Tanks in Burning Yellow and Black/Spring Has Sprung Multi print.

From Australia - cute new Beach Runner crops in Bleached Coral. Also, it looks like a white Swiftly SS top and a matching Bleached Coral visor.

Denim Inkwell Forme Jacket, Burning Yellow Power Up Tank,and Inkwell Ebb and Flow crops.

Close ups of the Inkwell Ebb and Flow crops. I'm so tempted to order a pair.

You can cinch the Pirouette to make it a little more low cut
Pirouette and Top Speed bras with Inkwell Ebb and Flow Crops

Hints of Things to Come

The new Frond items uploaded to the Australian side of the website - Swiftly SL tank (ugh, but why is it so short? I've been reading criticism that the latest Swiftly tanks are super short - boo on that!), gingham Frond Cool Racerback (I would have preferred a solid but I may warm up to this), and Frond Groovy run shorts.

Hints in the new banners on the Australian side of the website - new knit crops in Frond or maybe another green, a new Frond jacket and striped headband.

New striped Mellow Lemon Cool Racerback, a new bra that looks like it's made out of the same knit material as the Ebb and Flow crops (this looks comfy), and a new gym bag.