Monday, January 21, 2013


Post Restorative Sweatpant

The Post Restorative Sweatpants look very tempting to me. I didn't order anything but I want to try them out and the Ebb and Flows in the store. Anyone get anything?

More of the Latest

Pretty new Light Flare long sleeve Swiftly, shown with black Ebb and Flow crops.

Burning Yellow CRB with Inkwell/Burning Yellow Inspire Crops.

Black E&F crops

Shown with a 105F Tank in Light Flare

Shown with a Flip Your Dog Bra

Inkwell Ebb and Flow shown with a 105F tank and Flip Your Dog Bra

Inkwell/Flare Flip Your Dog bra and Ebb and Flow Crops

Inkwell Ebb and Flow Crops

Inkwell Ebb and Flow Crops with a Pirouette Plux bra
Indigo (top) vs. Inkwell (bottom) Ebb and Flows
New Ebb and Flows (Inkwell) are longer than the old (Indigo)

Photos of the new Ebb and Flow crops with various tanks. Ebb and Flows now go up to size 12. (Thanks to Ms. S. for the last two comparison photos.)

The new 105F Singlet. Top photo - Inkwell Ebb and Flow crops with Burning Yellow 105 F Singlet and Pirouette Plux bra. The silver 105F Singlet in the bottom photo looks see through. Shown with awful color-blocked Wunder Unders.

Ebb and Flow Crops Are In Plus More of the Latest

I'm not going to even talk about those awful color blocked WUs.

Thanks to Ms. L for this photo.

Ebb and Flow crops are arriving in the stores in four colors: Inkwell, Light Flare, Black, and Gray. They have oval gussets. Also shown is the new Burning Yellow 105F Singlet made of Silverescent Sheer Luon and the Flip Your Dog bras.

New Pirouette Plus bra made of luxtreme. Cute enough but definitely not for bustier women.

Back of the Burning Yellow 105F Singlet tank.

New Burning Yellow Cool Racerback and Work It Out Tank. I'll have to see the Burning Yellow in person to tell whether I like it. Yellows are tricky on me. Besides, I have to save my money to for the upcoming Frond color. I definitely have a list of tops I'd like to get in that.

New First Base LS in running luon. A nice basic but I am good as far as rulu tops go.

Aussie Heads Up - Gros Gingham & New Colors

Cute new plaid - gros gingham - in new colors - Mellow Lemon, Bleached Coral, and Frond in Speed and Groovy Run shorts. I am loving the green! The tops are new, too. Looks like a tweak of the Please Me Pullover.