Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NEW! Run: Reflect Jacket, Pullover, LS, and Get Up and Glow Tigh and Jacket

The new Run: Reflect Jacket. It's pretty dull in the daylight. I don't know why lululemon loves putting their zippers off to the side.

The Get Up and Glow Jacket. Why would you ever buy this color combo (Flare and Inkwell) unless they were your school colors? I was thinking I might like this jacket from the website photos but am not a fan of the side zipper at all. I also don't care for the curved hem. I have an older lulu run jacket where the back is a bit longer than the front but the bottom hem on this is really exaggerated.

The new Run: Reflect Pullover in Mint Moment. This isn't bad at all. I'll have to give this a try on in the store.

The new Run:Reflect Crop.

 The Get Up and Glow Jacket and Tights.

Run: Reflect LS


I like the looks of the Run: Reflect LS and Pullover, the Get Up and Glow Jacket (though dislike the asymmetrical zipper) but need to check these all out in a store. I ended up ordering the Spring Has Sprung Bangbuster. It's weird that the Pump It Up Jacket still hasn't been uploaded yet. Anyone get anything?