Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NEW! Run Jacket, Pullover, and Run Tights Plus More

New run jacket in the Spring Has Sprung Multi Print and new run tights and pullover, too. I don't have a name for any of these but I will update when I find out. The jacket is kind of pretty. Update - the tights are the Get Up and Glow Tight, made of luxtreme.

More photos of the new pullover and run tights in Mint Moment. I would say the pullover looks like it might be tech fleece or brushed luxtreme. I'm not sure about the tights.

Another photo of the new run tight.

Inkwell slub denim Daily Yoga Jacket and Straight to the Studio Pant.

If I was a Speed Short collector I would definitely add the Spring Has Sprung Multi print ones to my collection. I just love them.

Pink Shell Striped Devotion SS Tee. I'm not a big Devotion SS fan since I hate the way it fits me but this one is cute.

I know the Silver slub denim are the new Straight to the Studio Pant but I'm not sure about the Inkwell ones. I think they are based on the seaming but it's for me to see on my computer.