Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bangbuster Price Going Up and Some Photos

Power Up Crop and a new Burning Yellow 105F Singlet. I believe the new batch of 105F Singlets are made of silverescent sheer luon. Shown with the Flip Your Dog bra underneath. This photo is from Australia so this tank isn't here yet.

Another Australian photo - the Flip Your Dog bra and Crane Crop in the Spring Has Sprung Print.

 Mint Moment No Limit Tank and Wunder Unders.

 Mint Moment Cool Racerback with a Free to Be bra underneath and Gather and Crow Crops

 Mint Moment Cool Racerback and Right Round Pants.

People are reporting that all Bangbuster headbands are now $18 in the stores. They used to be $14 for the regular ones and $18 for the new silverescent luon ones. Boo on the increase! (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)

Update - A reader comments the price increase is just on the silver luon Bangbusters. People have reported the ones that they saw that were $18 were white, black, and Inkwell. I haven't seen them in person but the tags don't indicate they are silver and I believe the headbands are lined so you can't flip them over to see whether the luon is the silver luon. Hopefully, it's the silver luon ones only.