Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pace Setter Skirts, Speed Shorts, and More

Polar Haze Work It Out Tank with matching Wunder Under pants. It's probably better in person but it looks like she has jammy bottoms on.

That funky Flare/Inkwell Striped Forme Jacket with matching Crane crops. Note the Surge yoga mat. Surge has shown up on the men's side already and with the release of the yoga mat I am thinking the women will see it eventually, too. This photo is from Australia.

 More of the Light Flare/Inkwell combo - Power Up Tank and Crane Crops. Also from Australia.

Mint Moment Power Up Tank and Pink Shell Chase Me Skirt
Men's Commute Tee and funky striped Surge Short. This photo is also from Australia.

Mint Moment, Pink Shell, Polar Haze

The latest long sleeve swiftlys in Polar Haze (see the small photo in the first photo - so pretty!), Pink Shell, and Mint Moment.

I've read comments the wild Polar Haze Sea Stripe Wunder Unders are see-through. Also shown is the mens Creamsicle Pop Light As Air Tech Shirt. My husband really likes these and has collected four. They are his favorite run shirt. Other items on the ladies: Pacesetter skirt, Pump It Up shorts, Pump It Up Jacket, Scuba Stretch jacket, and Back on Track tank.

 Not So Basic Tee in Flare, Mint Moment No Limit Tank, and Inkwell Studio Pants (really like those!).

Classic Stripe Free to Be bra and matching Bonded Groovy Run Shorts.

The Beaming Blue Classic Striped Under crops (read these are pilling easily but they are hella soft) shown with a Swiflty LS (I think). The woman on the right has a Flare Technicool LS.

This woman looks so cute in this outfit - Speed Shorts, Mint Moment Work It Out Tank and Mint Moment Pump It Up jacket.

Another interesting combo - Polar Haze striped Pace Setter skirt and matching Polar Haze/Black Pump It Up Jacket.