Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh Yeah - The Warehouse Sale in Vancouver

I almost forgot - this popped up on my news feeds this morning. It looks like there will be a Canadian warehouse sale in Vancouver this year. No word on whether there will be one in Eastern Canada, where it's typically been held or another in the US. I think the Chicago one was well-attended last year.

Mint Moment Cool Racerback and More

Mint Moment Cool Racerback
Mint Moment Swiftly LS
Mint Moment/Sea Stripe No limit Tank

Mint Moment Scuba Stretch on top of a Pink Shell CRB. Reminds me of Spumoni.

New Reflective Brisk Run Gloves.

 Flip Your Dog Bra
 Mint Moment Astro Wunder Under Crops

 Pink Shell Back on Track Tank
Pump It Up Short with the matching bra from the Pump It Up tank

Pink Shell Sea Stripe No Limit Tank

From Australia - Inkwell Top Speed Crops

Sea Stripe Wunder Under Crops.

Mens Sprint to Studio Jacket. The arms are removable so this becomes a vest.

Training Duffel

Sprint to Studio Short - have a built in liner

Pump It Up Pant, Crane Crops, Right Round Pant, and More

Pump It Up Pant photos. The black ones don't look bad at all and I like the rear seaming.

From Australia, the Crane Crops and a new 105F Singlet made out of silverescent sheer luon (I think). Also shown is a Bangbuster with the Spring Has Sprung Multi Print.

Right Round Pant and Pump It Up Jacket

Right Round Pant and U turn Pullover with the new Reflective gloves

With the Pump It Up Jacket

Right Round Pants - they also cinch at the bottom.

The Spring Has Sprung Multi Print Root Chakra Pants with a variety of different colored tops.

Polar Haze Root Chakra Pants

Not So Basic Gym Tee and Technicool LS Photos

Not So Basic Tee and Pump It Up Shorts

Not So Basic Tee and Pump It Up Shorts

With Root Chakra Pants
Not So Basic Tee over a Power Up Tank
Shown with the Spring Has Sprung Root Chakra Pant

Shown with the Pump It Up Pant

Shown with Silver luon Flare Wunder Unders

Shown with Pump It Up shorts

Shown with a Polar Haze Sea Stripe CRB and Pump It Up Shorts