Friday, December 6, 2013

FYI - Black Passage Sweater Issue

FYI - A second person in my rather small chat group of 600 women has reported a hole in the armpit of their Black Passage Sweater. One person's sweater arrived with the hole. The second person developed a hole their first day wearing it. Both sweaters with this problem were black. This looks like an easily fixable issue but a $128 sweater shouldn't be having this problem in the first place. Check your armpits, ladies. (Thanks to Ms. T. for the photo.)


Anonymous said...

Someone recently asked about Practice Daily pants - I didn't get pants but am loving the crops!! They are TTS on me (29 jeans, 5'8", 130# size 6). Some reviews say sheer, but my inkwell ones are fine (I do not have a pronounced bottom tho if that makes a difference or not). Also love the work it out winter pants!! Very excited because I loved the ice queens or whatever they were last year, but the seam caught in the back of my knee and wound up returning.

I am super interested on the Moto jacket - anyone have any beta on that or seen it it stores?! Tried on GW today, still not my thing. Wound up with black striped swiftly SS, very nice and a striped ruffled 105 black sized down feom an 8 to a 2!!

Also went to Nordstroms and tried on Zella leggings and ordered a purple black pattern legging, seemed comfy and cute (and cheaper!) but we'll see.

Dewa said...

I have those purple leopard Zella leggings! They are super soft and really warm. I've been wearing them a ton lately since it's been kind of cold here in seattle.

That's insane about the sweater. I just can't even understand what's going on with their quality control. You could buy a $15 sweater from target or h&m and not have any issues like that. And I assume all are made using 'cheap labor'.

Lovin4u said...

I made it into the store today. Big hit for my wallet.
I left with: Vinyasa Pique, Base Runner Hoodie (super cozy and nice fit), the Coco Pique WUP, a Cozy Up Ear Flap Toque (super warm and cute), CRB in Stripe Surge (a little thin but I loved the pattern), and a Keep it Cozy Crew in Spilt Pea on markdown (totally random but loved it on).

I passed on:
Passage Sweater -- just too weird; didn't try on
GW -- didn't seem like nice quality; colors already looked faded; girls were trying it on like mad; I don't see the appeal. I have a 1st generation version in black that I still wear. It is super high quality and doesn't have the tie at the bottom--much better design.
Striped Swiftly -- didn't work for me, boring
SE Ruffled Black CRB --too long and very thin.
Overall, successful shop. Not sure if I will keep the Base Runner. It got excellent reviews. I couldn't decide between the angel stripe and surge but went with the grey because I have the Fluff Off pullover in Surge.

Anonymous said...

I bought lulu knitted mittens and had all sorts of snags of unfinished pieces of yarn sticking out! For that price, I expect better from Lulu. Not too impressed w Lulu quality lately.

Anonymous said...

Wow, my Passage Sweater is DEFINITELY going back after seeing this. Unacceptable for something already overpriced. I don't know why LLL refuses to improve, let alone implement any level of quality control in their production operations abroad.

Also QC-related, my Made in China Gratitude Wrap ordered in last week's upload arrived without the bottom drawstring. I saw the flaw immediately when I excitedly opened the package and was so disappointed. I've been very selective as to what I order and was really looking forward to enjoying this purchase.

The GEC rep (Emma), I spoke with was of no help and refused to take any accountability or acknowledge the error. A disappointing retail purchase then became a frustrating customer service experience. For a company that “loves” consumer feedback to innovate and inspire I felt disposable and unheard. LLL, you can do better.

Anonymous said...

I returned my practice daily pants in inkwell. They were thick & compressive but had threads hanging off everywhere, we're see through in a deep bend, & i thought they had too many seams going down the legs. They were close to amazing, but for $100, they needed to be amazing.

Just a little info for the smaller ladies: the ivivva rhythmic crops were re-designed & are much nicer! They are pretty much clones to WUC now except slightly lower rise. The black ones are reversible, with one side having the ivivva symbol on the leg & the other side on the waistband. Also no more seam down the side. I'm really happy with them considering they are almost $30 cheaper than WUC. The luon on the ones I got is not super thick but is soft & seems opaque. I find a size 14 comparable to a size 6 in lulu.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11:112 am- I don't mind an unsnipped thread or two as long as the stitching looks solid. However, I hate when stuff starts to unravel. So glad my store still does repairs.

Is it true that the Ivivva bottoms don't have gussets in them? That is what I heard the difference was between lulu and Ivivva.

Anonymous said...

i looked at the Passage Sweater in the store, but it seemed like a pretty high price for what it was. I know I could easily find something similar for cheaper.

Also, i was worried it would pull or unravel. I had the Knit Happens gloves and had to return them because they started unraveling the second time i wore them. i have Target gloves that are better made (and not $38).

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.37am that's really annoying. After all the anticipation that's a shame and even if there was a Qc miss at least take responsibility for it - for all the $ we are spending.
I just received my yogasmoga order and while some people are getting offended by us mentioning them here I for one am feeling very good about wearing their stuff especially because it is Made in USA. I will be using some of my smogi bucks to buy more stuff this wend. Thank you for giving back to us as well YS.

Mandy said...

I have a pair of the rhythmic? crops in the white herringbone. So so soft and fit perfectly. I'm a 6 in bottoms and the 14s were good.
They do have a gusset in them. Triangle.

Anonymous said...

@LLA no that is not true for the pants. The rhythmic crops have the same triangle gusset as lulu. The rhyming shorts do not (or at least didn't used to, i have an old pair).

When i order $100 yoga pants, it does bother me when huge threads are hanging off everywhere. How do i know they won't start to unravel?

Anonymous said...

The Passage Sweater sold out in my store as well as the mittens I feel sorry for all those who purchased them.

I also noticed the new Studio crops are coming back into my store and they feel different than last years, looks like they cheapened them up too. The Angel Blue ss Swifty is in the store and it also feels different maybe it has more nylon.

Maybe it is time to move on I am tired of all the quality control problems and the attitude of the staff when I am returning an item with the tags still on and within 1 day of purchasing the item.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11:15 am - Yeah, the lulu knit stuff has never impressed me as being too robust.

Lana said...

I visit three stores nearby and order online and have no compunction about returning stuff on a regular basis. They have such a shit return policy that I don't particularly care what they think, especially when I spent $500 there this week. I don't take cramp from educators, I shop there, they work there. The ones that know me know I like to be left alone and not accosted every 10 seconds by the whole staff. Half of the educators are new and have no idea what I am talking about when I do ask a question. That said, I always smile and try to be nice, but the store experience is my least favorite part of Lulu for me. I hate how some things are in WMTM online and not in store-that is weird. Overall Lulu could take some lessons from Athleta and Nordstom in the customer care department. For GEC not to offer you a speedy and prompt resolution to the missing drawstring is unacceptable and I would have escalated it up to a supervisor. They dish out what we accept.
I may sound horrible but I worked customer service for UPS for four years and only dealt with really angry people and all it takes is some genuine concern to make turn an angry customer into a happy one, even if you can't solve the problem. I don't feel most educators are genuine at the stores, there are only a few that I find sweet and funny. The rest seem to be sizing you up and checking you out. Just a rant on CS...

Anonymous said...

I bought all three colours and I've been wearing them everydaybsince I've got them. No armpit issues for me!

Anonymous said...

I saw this coming. The Passage Sweater just looked like a rip and snag waiting to happen. I saw it in store and thought it looked like something you could pick up at the Gap or Target (which is fine, since the price point would be in line with the item's quality). For the price at LuLu, no way.
My concern with it was washing. It looked to me as if one washing would result in a huge ball of yarn. I wonder if we'll see this go to WMTM. Should be "We Made Too Much of These Poorly."