Friday, November 1, 2013

More Pique and Herringbone Forme Photos. Also, Comparison of This Year's Pique Forme to Last Year's Pique Define

The Pique Forme Jacket.

Pique Forme, Pretty Pink Forme, Inkwell/Green Bean Forme

Herringbone Forme. 

My Define is dry now so I thought I'd compare it to the Forme to see if there is still a difference in color between the two piques and there is. The pique in the Forme is a bit lighter than last year's Pique Define. It looks like the gray used in the Forme is a bit lighter, which is odd because it's supposed to be Black with Deep Coal and the Define used regular Coal. In all the photos, the Forme is on the left and the Define is on the right.


Anonymous said...

I actually love the new forme ii pique jacket. I think I like it better than last year's define pique. I don't really like the black trimmings on the define one. I have a black and bordeaux define and they are both fitted. I feel like this forme jacket has a tiny bit more room, which I like. Love the fabric!

Anonymous said...

i received my 2 today. fits perfectly! i don't like the extra little length in the back at the hem though. shirt tail like. also, the construction of the define is far superior. seams, etc.

but the fabric is great, and i'll keep it because of that.

Anonymous said...

yeah the coloration is obvious forme is lighter, yet supposed to be black stipes and last years darker and supposed to be coal???? Goes w/ everything else these days: you have to trust what you see not what something says!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the pique fabric, but not sure about that jacket. Maybe a different jacket or a different color might do it for me. Thanks for posting the color comparisons, LLA! I do prefer that slightly darker color of the Define.

Anonymous said...

I am usually a 4 or 6 in Formes depending on how I want them to fit ... I was at my store yesterday and got the Herringbone Forme in an 8!! The 6 would barely go over my chest and was about an inch shorter than the 8. Just an FYI... seems to run small!! :)

Anonymous said...

LLA- do you know the color code of the herringbone or pique forme jackets? i heard a rumor that my store is getting the forme in 'HESA'. no idea what that is but hoping its one of those!!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:07 am - Herringbone is HESA, Pique is BLDO.

Anonymous said...

Just got the herringbone yesterday. I compared it to a brushed define. Both size 8.

These are the differences I observed on F2 vs. Define:

* F2 Arms less narrow. Now I can where a swiftly underneath.
* F2 waist is not cut in quite as much. More of a gentle curve in.
* F2 Underarm area was more tapered in.

Other than the missing back vent of the define, I think this Forme II is a great jacket!

Both my Defines and my new Forme II are size 8. For reference, I'm 5'6" 125 lbs 34D.

I tried the size 6 and it was too tight for my comfort.

Jen said...

I caved and bought a pique forme II this weekend. Tried on the herringbone in a 6 and it was incredibly small...couldn't even get the zipper over my chest, which is not large! Got the 8 in pique and although I also have the WUs in pique, I couldn't resist. So comfy.