Wednesday, November 27, 2013

More of the Latest

Shown with Practice Daily crops

Inner Calm burnout tee.

The new black wee stripe Skinny Will pants. They have a little polyester in them and a bit of a sheen to them, I thought, but otherwise were nice.

Mind and Body Kits.

Winter Sprinter Hoodie in Bleached Coral. Shown with tech fleece Speed Tights.

Keep It Up Jacket and Speed Tights.

Practice Daily Crops in black Full On Luon. I wore these yesterday to the gym for my workout and really liked them - comfy, opaque, with flattering lines. 


Anonymous said...

I'm bummed that burn out shirt is so long. It's not flattering at that length would have loved it if it hit at the hip. I ordered it and didn't get it yet, guess it's going back.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there will be a WMTM upload tonight?

Anonymous said...

Did you like the skinny wills in the wee stripe? I have the herringbone and pique mini check already. Are they thick like those two?

Anonymous said...

Hi LLA, thanks so much for the tweet on the yogasmoga offer. As they say -- Holy Batman! I am waiting for the review but I got the twistie tank in the purple and the Tippy Toe leg leggings in the Joshpur blue today. Really loving the new styles and colors from them.

I got a run jump crop from them a couple of months ago and love the thick fabric and the fit is really awesome.

Happpy Gobblers LLA.

Anonymous said...

I really like the burnout shirt, but $80?? I was shocked that most sizes are sold out already in white. I agree it looks a little too long but I do like how it covers the butt. I just got the OYH long sleeve in the mail, & I was fully expecting to return it, but I actually love it. It didn't look especially flattering in most pics but I sized down & I think it looks relatively ok on me. I get annoyed that the thumbholes on every lulu/ivivva product never seem to be in the right spot. How hard is it to measure an arm & see where the thumb is?

Anonymous said...

Upload!!! I didn't see the ruffle speed shorts but I did get the ruffled crb, WU and asana jacket!!! Woohoo!!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:04 pm - I did like them - thought the print was skinny-fying- but decided I could live without them since I don't have an endless money supply. They aren't as thick as the mini-check pique or herringbone but probably thicker than the black pique ones, which feel kind of airy to me.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the Wee Stripe Skinny Wills have a bit of sheen...which is why they ended up going back. Swapped them for the Cocoa Pique WUP's. I preferred the Black Pique SW's over the Wee I wish I had snagged the other pique that came out a few months ago.