Friday, October 18, 2013

Dog Runner Pants, Second Chance Skirt, and Some Try On Reports

Cool Racerback tank and new Dog Runner Pants. The dog runners have a rulu liner under a water resistant outside and are a favorite of cold weather ladies.

Green Bean Swiftlys and the WAFs Green Bean Can't Stop Crop.

Green Bean Ebb to Street tank and Wee Are Too Cozy Jacket.

Harmonious hoodie photos. I tried this on  yesterday and loved it. I thought it fit a slouchy true to size. The inside is fully lined in cotton. If it weren't $150 with tax I would probably get one.

I also tried on the Harmonious Sweatpants. I liked those a lot, too, and thought the fit was TTS. If you have thicker legs you might find the legs a tad on the narrow side.

A leftover logo from the recycled sheer luon on the underside of the skirt.

I was surprised to see the Second Chance Skirt was made out of all luon - the sheer luon pants that were recalled. The undershorts do not have gripper strips on the leg openings.

The Second Chance pants are also made of recycled sheer luon. I tried them on and liked the fit and shape they gave me in the rear. The backside had good coverage and it was opaque. I tried on the version with the black mesh and didn't really care for the Fredericks of Hollywood vibe they gave me.

I ended up getting a pair of the Inkwell Paisley Wunder Under crops yesterday. I know people have said they're sheer but I found them opaque. I read some comments that people said there seem to be both opaque and sheer ones in this fabric so try a couple of pairs on if there is more than one pair in your store. They are the high poly content fabric and have a bit of a sheen but the feel doesn't bug me nearly as much in the crops as it did in the tank. I thought they were a fun print to wear to the gym and I've been on a print bottom binge for the last month of so.

I also tried on the Avenue Pullover yesterday. I liked it but I have an Effortless hoodie and a Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover and more than two of these types of warm pullovers seems overkill for Southern California. The material was thick, like the Scubas, and I thought it fit TTS. I thought the back was a bit on the blousy side but I could have lived with it.

I also ended up getting the Green Bean Swiftly tank yesterday. I kind of liked how the stripes look in the Green color.


Anonymous said...

The top photo is the CRB not the First Base Tank! Just got them in stores today! Plus the CRB in Cornflower

LuluAddict said...

Thanks! I'll fix it.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to play tennis in that awesome (WTF) looking second chance skirt made out of recycled sheer luon. Said no one. Ever.

LuluAddict said...


Anonymous said...

Anyone know the price of the dog runner pants?

Luli Designs said...

I don't like the look of the Second Chance skirt or pants but I like that they are trying to use the fabric and be upfront about the fact they are made from the sheet pants.

We are always asking LLL to be honest and I like that they are being honest in this instance.

Anonymous said...

OK, so i might have just officially started collecting wunder under crops. i've always been a groove/inspire girl, and more recently ebb & flow (and variations thereof), but am starting to feel comfortable in WU. even wore my ziggy august raspberry glo on a run today because i had them on and had a very short exercise window, so just went. they were awesome. (my other pair is the coco pique.)
i am loving wearing them to keep my legs warm, but not too warm, under skirts.

so, my question: LLA, are these inkwell paisley WUC TTS? i've finally admitted i am a just barely a 6, not an 8, in WU, and wunder if i should get a 6 in these or size up since they are polyester. thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info LLA. @ 5:22 lol.

And really, they want $64 pre-tax for that POS? Even more hilarious!

Obviously destined for wmtm and even then, I wouldn't touch it!

Anonymous said...

Second hand oh I mean Second Chance! What the H are they thinking. Goodwill sells Second Chance not an athletic clothing company!! What's next recycled thongs??

Sf said...

I think the dog runner pant was $108 or $118 last year.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:19 pm - I feel the same way. Send your retreads to the outlet!!

Anonymous said...

Second Chance skirt & pants should be discounted at regular retail stores or sent straight to the outlets. How can they expect us to pay more for this skirt than the ever popular Pace Setter ($64 vs. $58), when they have just admitted that the material used is sheer?

So what if you double up, ie. put shorts then layer a skirt over top? When you bend over, you will still be showing a see through a** !! So so stupid!

Anonymous said...

I guess its good they are trying to not waste the material but personally my first impression was that it was being reused solely for their own greed particularly given the prices on these items.

So yes, LOL 5:22 - well said.

I think I'm going to need these dog runner pants. I vaguely remember seeing them on the markdown rack earlier this year but at the time was looking for a pair of pants to pull over my crops when leaving the gym to keep me warm and those didn't fit the bill since they already had tights in them but I could definitely use them for winters on the east coast and for duh walking my dog!

Also, the wool hoodie looks really nice but no way am I paying $140 for it. This company is getting crazy with their prices.

And while I like the look of the avenue pullover it seems to be making everyone look um hefty. Not the look I think we are going for!

Anonymous said...

I think they're asking too much $$ for these second chance items. I understand not to waste goods, but since it's made from defective material, lower the price to compensate for that. That's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha retreads to the outlet!! For sure that is too funny!!! I went to my local store and tried on the merino wool jacket w/ the elastic at the bottom- too short imo and I am only 5'4" I could see it constantly being tugged down into position and inching up to your waist- not a jacket I could deal with for sure and too bad cause I love anything in natural fibers! I called to talk w/ gec yesterday and unloaded all that I know that all us luluaddicts want primarily tops/jackets in longerlengths that are figure flattering wish they would make talls in everything then problem would be solved me being ave. in height would still order the tall even w/ longer arms I could deal w/ it I just want my bum covered up ya know is this too much to ask for in a jacket?????

Ljg680 said...

They should have taken the recalled pants and donated them. Recycling them is fine but shouldn't they be much cheaper then? Still trying to make money ...

Anonymous said...

Well I for one saw the second chance pants with the black mesh and knew I had to have them. I went on a hunt and found them at the first store I looked. Are they a little risqué? Absolutely! Have we all seen MUCH worse at the gym? Hell yes.
The fit and coverage are amazing. I'm trying to figure out how they're made from sheer luon when the coverage is so good.
Did I mention how great they fit?

Anonymous said...

annon 1:20 I think the second chance skirt is the only item made with the sheer luon. The pants are made with the new luon, I think they are nice, but not my style.
In regards to the recycled skirt? those will very likely end up in the sale bin.