Friday, September 20, 2013

Paisley Inkwell No Limit Tank

A better photo of the new Paisley Inkwell No Limit Tank. Also shown is the Cornflower 105F Singlet. (Thanks to Ms. M. for the photo.)


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to more paisley and camo. These teasers sure keep us hooked.

Try on report:

for reference I am 5'4, 32A, 115, consistantly size 4 tops, size 4 for looser pants/crops, size 4 shorts and often size 6 for luxtreme crops.

Trouser Pant: size 4 - very loose and baggy on the waist and not flattering on the bum. I work in an office with some flexibility on dress code, but even with this flexibility as a professional the Trouser was NOT something to wear in the office. The pant looked and felt like track pants. Not flattering or stylish - at least for me.

Urbanite pant: hesitated when they were online and they sold out, so when the notification came from my local LLL I tried dashed to the store. Tried size 4. Yikes. They were really, really tight. Could hardly get them on and done up. Tried size 6 and they were much better. Still clinging and snug, but not sausage encasing-like. Size up item. Bought both blue and black. Will keep the black and think about the blue. Could maybe wear them to work, but they might be too snug on the legs - more like skinny jeans.

Urbanite shirt: from the pictures I thought the front was very odd, but paired with the Urbanite pant, the top looked kinda funky and different. Size 4 fit fine. Sleeve length was not too long and the fabric allowed for stretch and give, so it moved well. Brought the white one. Didn't supply an extra button so be careful not to lose one.

On the advice of LLA and LLM, who both raved about the Forme hyper stripe angel wing, I tried it on. I have learned in life not to say "never". I had vowed off the Forme and patiently waited for the Define to reappear, thinking I would NOT buy a Forme. Well, tried this Cuffins Forme and it was very appealing. Striped pattern beautifully laid out and the cut was flattering. I have both size 4 and 6 in the Define, and went with a size 6 in this jacket. There was lots of give and stretch so it has been easy to layer under it, even a sweater. Great neutral colour. The fabric was soft, but not as soft as Lavender Dusk or Angel Blue (forget the name) of the Define from the past. Still think this Forme purchase will be an exception. The detailing on the back of the Define is still far superior to the Forme. I will continue to hold out for the Define, but if you do find a colour/pattern in the Forme Cuffins, it is worth giving it a try.

Finally the Skinny Will pant. I have been reading the rave reviews about this pant so decided to give it a try in basic black. Given it was a tight pant I tried size 6. Definitely too big. Size 4 was snug and comfortable without being binding and restricting. Would say tts for this item. Fabric felt thick and no sheerness. They were very long but provide a different look with the bunchiness at the bottom - nice with flats and will still tuck into boots. Have no intention of exercising in them. Strictly causual wear, and that will be true for all of the above items.

Karen said...

Has the paisley no limits tank hit the US website yet? This would be the perfect gift for a friend of mine.

Anonymous said...

I want to comment on the 1st reader's try on report about the Forme with Cuffins. I found the fit ok, but I still could not get over the thinness of the material. I am glad it works for some people, but I just cannot settle for it after having so many Defines. The back view of the Define is incomparable. This new one makes everyone look husky.

There is a gaping hole in my closet for all the Defines that could have been made in the past year but weren't. I find I buy alot less Lulu now because I used to match bottoms to this jacket, but no jacket means no bottoms either for me. Hope Lulu realizes how much money they are losing because of this 1 jacket, and how it affects their customers' other purchasing.

Anonymous said...

Tried on and bought the Paisley Inkwell No Limits Tank. I had no interest in it from the pics on- line but when I tried it on it was a very flattering navy blue with the paisley pattern giving it a little more flair than just a plain inkwell

Anonymous said...

1st writer again @ anon 3:23
I agree that the Forme Cuffins is not as good as the Define and I don't intend to be buying another Forme. In response to your comment about the Forme material being lighter weight or thinner than the Define, I'm not sure that is always the case with all the Defines. I have 6 Defines and they vary in thickness of the material. The oldest three are the thickest, or heavier weight and the following three are lighter and softer.

I guess it depends on how you use them, and it seems you use yours a lot more than I do mine - which is well done on your part, but I actually like the feel of the newer fabric. While the older is heavier it is also rough and scratchy in comparison to the three newer ones (heathered Paris Pink, heather Lavendar Dusk and Angel Blue (colour name ??, think it is heathered too). Maybe the softness is more found with the heathered colours.

Overall, what really galled me was the cheapening of the design of the Forme v. the Define to save on manufacturing costs and offering it at the same price ($109 which was a recent increase from $99 of the Define). I hate feeling ripped off and treated like an idiot consumer who doesnt know better.

The Forme Cuffins is an admission by LLL that they made a mistake and are slowly reintroducing the features of the Define. So loved the classy back of the Define and that feature is still notably absent.

While I'm griping, the same comments are true for the new Scubas. Refuse to buy one until the stretchy ribbed side panels are brought back. It was those panels that gave the Scuba such a flattering fit.

Anonymous said...

I wish that Lulu made the NLT in petite sizes! It's like a frigging dress on me! I would so buy one if it didn't go down past my thighs!

Anonymous said...

@ 6:47: "...the new Scubas. Refuse to buy one until the stretchy ribbed side panels are brought back. It was those panels that gave the Scuba such a flattering fit."

Completely agree. Despite some new colours/patterns coming out that I like, I pass on the Scuba Stretch. When I've examined them in store they are thin, cheap and boxy. Even if people try to say they've made the stretch better, I will not be buying. Not even on wmtm when I've seen them there.