Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Modern Racer, Heart Opener Tank, and More

Run With Me Toque

Modern Racer tank photos. I am not loving this batch of colors in the MR even though I do love the style and material.

New 105F Tank in Angel Wing.

Plum hyperstripe Vinyasa scarf and Bend and Flow Tank.

Heart Opener Tanks.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the new French terry vinyasa's yet? I'm debating about whether to order one. I'm also on the fence about which colour??? Heathered black or the silver? Online the black looks nicer???

Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen the one for om leotards in stores. They have great reviews online !

Anonymous said...

Heart Opener tank looks great with an energy bra under.

I don't understand why they keep putting weird seaming and details on the busts of tanks. The Bend and Flow is just so strange.

Julia said...

Lulu Addict, I need your help. I saw these pants on a girl at the Philadelphia Wandurlust event photos and I want them so badly. They are black with a zig zag stripe and iridescent sheen to them.

Here is a link to the picture, https://scontent-b-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc3/1174709_636009703087128_529560238_n.jpg.

Do you know what season, name they are or if they are even Lulu?

Anonymous said...

tried on both the urbanite pants and the trouser pants in inkwell. for reference, i'm a 6 in pants. i have a lot of junk in the trunk and a small waist.

urbanites fit me the same as the out and about pants. they fit everywhere, but are VERY tight because of the curves. because of that, they end up being more lower rise on me than they might be on others. i am a 6, and i had to squeeze to get them on, but i think with wear they would stretch slightly. i tried the 8 and was worried about too much baggieness. if you want these, i wouldn't go up a size if you can get into the lower size. i also think they would get hot. i did not buy these, but they did look nice in the bum area. :)

the trouser pants are not appropriate for "boardroom wear", unless you really jazzed them up. they are like more like unstructured sweat pants with a few extra details. i was actually surprised these fit me well, since i hate track pants. they aren't super-harem-esque unless you pull them up and down that way. they are comfy, so i bought them. i'm more likely to wear them thn WUPs.

Anonymous said...

@ Julia,
Perhpas they could be Black Milk or Lorna Jane

Ljg680 said...

What is up with their new bags??? I get the concept of everything in moderation but then they write out the concept with letters made of cigarettes, joints, condoms, alcohol, unidentified pills, junk food, poker chips and syringes.... Huh?

Anonymous said...

I took the bag backt to the store, no way do I want any kiddos or other people to see that and its not my way of life, tasteless and crude

Anonymous said...

@Julia, they look like American Apparel "shiny" leggings, but on the website I only see that color in the shorts.