Monday, September 30, 2013


Wee Space Inspire crops

Ebb to Street Pant
Nothing too exciting tonight though I did order the Black Wee Space Inspires to try out. These are the kind with no mesh on them, which is what I prefer in the Inspires. I thought we'd see a ton more new stuff given it's the beginning of the month but I guess not.

Did you get anything?

NEW! Paisley Inkwell Enroute Pants

 New Inkwell Paisely En Route Pants. I actually kind of like these.

 The Embossed Paisley Run For Fun crops.

Cornflower Bend and Flow Tank.

Plum - Inkwell Hyperstripe She's Swift Jacket.

Some great photo of the Inkwell/Plum Hyperstripe She's Swift Jacket. Shown with Plum Track to Reality Pants.

Ebb to Street Pants, Star Runner Pullovers, and More

Inkwell Ebb to Street Pant. They are $92.

Carry You Om Tote

The Star Runner Pullovers. I hadn't seen a photo of the black one until now.

Cornflower Rest Less Tank and Run For Fun Crops

NEW! Ebb to Street Pant and More

New Ebb to Street Pant. Shown with the Karma LS in the bottom photo.

Cornflower Hi/Low Wunder Unders and Wee Space Free to Be bra

 Rest Less Tank in Cornflower Blue

 Star Runner Pullovers in Angel Wing and Plum Hyperstripe.

Men's Five Year Tee in the Green Bean and Inkwell Stripe

Sunday, September 29, 2013

October Sneak Peek Video Screen Caps - Spin Capsule and More

It looks like there will be a new spin capsule coming. I love the peformance of the mesh-back Right Round Tank and Spinerette Shorts from last year's so looking forward to checking out this one.

There are a couple interesting pieces in this clips - the dark green ear warmer is one. I really hope this is not a trick of the light and there is a darker green coming in addition to Green Bean. Readers commented in that the headband is striped Green Bean with a darker color - Inkwell - so not a different green - bummer. The white top looks like it might be a lightweight fleece zip up. is a new rulu running jacket.

I can't really tell the material in this long sleeve top but kind of hoping it's rulu. This is the Karma LS made of Vitasea.

This looks like a Flow Y in Green Bean to me. This is an Ebb to Street Bra in Green Bean. I think it's probably safe to assume an Ebb to Street Tank in Green Bean is coming, too.

(Thanks to Ms. M. and Ms. C. for the heads up on the video. Thanks to anon 9:43 pm for the details.)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Star Runner Pullovers in the US

Star Runner Pullovers have hit US Stores. Even though the Angel Wing Slalom Stripe one was not uploaded to the US side of the website it has started to arrive in the US stores.

 The Angel Wing Swiftly is on the sheer side.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Latest

Angel Wing Slalom Stripe Nice Asana Jacket.

Soot/Angel Wing Ziggy Forme, Soot City Pulse Pant, and Cornflower Power Y tank.

The Inkwell/Paisley No Limit Tank and Plum Journey Crops.

Pretty Pink CYB tank and Ziggy Wunder Under bottoms.

Black Hyperstripe Bliss Break Hoodie.

Savasana Softshell Jacket.