Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shake and Break Shorts, Fast Cat Skirt, and More

Shake and Break shorts in Plum Hyperstripe and Sea Check Plaid.  Shown with Race Me SS and LS tops. I need to check these shorts out. I really like the Plum Hyperstripe ones.

New Fast Cat Skirt. Shown with Race Me LS and SS tops. Also, with the Hustle and Bustle tank.

From Australia, super pretty plum and pink striped Cool Racerback. I think I want this one but those fat stripes never work out well for me.

More Plum Studio Jacket. Shown with the Track to Reality Pant in the bottom photo.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why Lulu keeps showing images of wrinkled clothing! The Fast Cat skirt in sea check is so much cuter in real life than in these pictures! The one I ordered came yesterday, and it is really flattering. The colors are richer and much more saturated. This skirt goes with just about every color Lulu top I already own--frond green, Paris pink, spry, yellow, even the orange and yellow tops I bought some years ago. I didn't think I'd like the plum panels, but they are actually very slimming. I love how it's something new and different, yet it still has the 3 pockets I need for long runs!

I had ordered a Pace Setter skirt in sea check, in case I didn't like the Fast Cat. I actually think the Fast Cat makes me look skinnier!

RunLikeTheWind said...

I like the fat-stripe CRB, just like I liked the aqua/power purple one. I admire the pattern, but wouldn't wear either.

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to say that both the skirts in the sea check (Fast Cat and PS) are tts, I was my normal 4 (I'm 5' 103 lbs. for reference).

Anonymous said...

6:48 I think the pictures on this blog are taken by educators and they are amateur photographs. they are just reference for us to get a better idea of the products.Most are probably taken with a smart phone and I am sure the clothes are taken right out of the shipping boxes.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited to hear about the fast cat skirt. Mine will be here Saturday.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6:48 I totally agree about the endless color combos. My pinkalicios, pink shell, and beach blanket blue match perfect. Oddly the blue moon crb I just ordered to go with my plaid speeds and ps doesn't look good at all with it IMO.