Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More of the Latest

The new Raspberry Glo Swiftlys with Run For Your Life Crops, and Astro Shorts.

Shown with the Run For Your Life Crops
Hustle and Bustle tank photos.

More Half Cut Pullover photos in Inkwell and Black.

Plum Burn It Out Tank

Inkwell Tech Mesh Tight.

Track to Reality Pant in Inkwell and Plum

Midnight Iris Print Cool Racerback

Back to Class Backpack in Midnight Iris showing the detached front pouch.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried the Track to Reality pant? How's the fit (waist, bum) and is it TTS? Also how does this compare to the Work It Out track pants?

I also have a question about the latest full-on luon and luxtreme WUs. Did everyone stay with the same size as your regular older WUs? I've read the rise on these latest WUs is lower than ever, and am afraid of muffin top.. or if I pull it up, camel toe.

Thanks in advance for any advice ladies!!

RunLikeTheWind said...

Yeah, the Luxtreme WUCs do seem to have a lower rise...I found myself tugging them to get them up where I was used to them hitting. Maybe sizing up would be better? They fit snugly in my regular size, but my regular size is on the looser side anyway.
The print distribution on the Midnight Iris CRB is so varied. I don't think I would have picked one up had I not found the one that I did. It seemed more subtle than the others I've seen.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is still on the lookout for the seacheck plaid speed shorts, I was in the NYC Lincoln Square store around 10am this morning and it looked like they were stocked in most sizes. I ended up buying the WUCs PLUX and they are AWESOME! My biggest issue with luon has been my dog's hair sticks to it like a magnet. These crops are great! Great compression, coverage, etc. I will probably get another pair.

Anonymous said...

Th burn it out tank in plum is super cute, or is it the model that makes it look so good. I really like the run for your life crops. I must get a pair.


Anonymous said...

I got the full on Luon pants in my tts and LOVE them! IMO they aren't low rise at all, I think I've only heard that about the lux ones but I personally haven't tried those yet. I hope moving forward they make more WUs in the full on- they are compressive and hold their shape, yet are super comfy... I don't want to take them off! Wish those new WUs with the plum hyper stripe waistband were full-on but they're not :( hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

@run like the wind. I know what you mean about the midnight iris print. I bought the daily bra in that print and the only iris part is about 2" wide on the far side of my left breast under armpit. Kinda defeats the purpose. Oh we'll. I couldn't pick out in store cause mine doesn't carry very much. I really want the crb or power y but really need to see in person which won't happen.

Anonymous said...

I Love the track to the reality pant. I bought the blissed out pant and the track to reality. Both weren't my type if pant but they are so comfy. Track to reality inkwell has a really pretty inner waistband they have yet to show. Plum has a raspberry glo one. They look really good on girls pushed up . I hope they come out with more colors like a deep indigo!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the girls modeling these clothes in all different sizes. That way I can get a better idea of how something might look on my body. For example, if someone's thighs are more muscular like mine and the shorts look awesome then it makes me want to try that style. A tall, thin, young beautiful girl is going to look great is most everything so usually the models on the Lululemon website are not how I choose my new styles. Your website is so helpful, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone who responded to my questions on the Track to Reality pants and the new WUs. Big help!!!!!! <3 <3

Anonymous said...

The Reality track pant is short I am 5'4 and it just hits my ankle I returned them I think they will be too hot for outdoor sports. I was not impressed with the pants I feel Lulu has changed the fabric content it is not as breathable as previous years.

Anonymous said...

Love the tattoo on the upper middle back of the girl in the plum burn out tank.. Would love to know the meaning?