Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Sea Wheeze Items - Track Attack Skirt and Track and Train Tank

Two more Sea Wheeze items have popped up - a wild Track Attack Skirt and a golden yellow Track and Train tank. A lot of people are hoping for Speed shorts in the print.


Luli Designs said...

I have not really been into any of the Seawheeze items that we have had a sneak peak at except for maybe the swiftly with Seawheeze in the hem but these two items are catching my eye much more! Speed Shorts in that print would be so much fun too!

Anonymous said...

It is disgusting how much I would pay for a pair of speed shorts in that print. So adorable.

girlydoll said...

the top photo looks like it is fuzzy?? I personally don't like the skirt ( I prefer the pace setter skirt), but I fear that the pieces that I do love won't be released this year, they seem to be ditching anything that sells well in favour of this new poor selling items. FYI, anyone who is interested, just about everything popped up on WMTM today.

Also, are you sure that is a track and Train Tank? I think its a sports bra, if you look closely at the picture I think I see skin under the bust band on her torso.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 6;27 looks like a bra. the print on the skirt is really cute.


Jen said...

Agree with 6:27. Think that's a stuff your bra II. I have two stuff your bra I's from SW last year. Might as well add to the collection!

Love that print! Agree that speeds would be super cute ( and probably will be highly coveted :( )

girlydoll said...

I think I lost my comment. Sorry if this repeats.

QUESTION and ADVICE NEEDED - I run exclusively in the run for your life tank tops. Got three last year at the SW, but I am worried they are not going to show up this year at all. Any advice on a bra that would mimik the tank top built in bra? I don't own any other running bras, but if I am going to start to have to wear other tops for running I want at least the same coverage, if not more. All advice would be amazing as I have to get into a local store to figure out sizing before the SW showcase store opens.

Also, anyone else notice on the FAQ page that it says exclusive product that won't be online in North America? Niiiice.